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Is Landa Bazaar more Popular than Brands in Pakistan?

Flea markets are extremely popular in Pakistan because of affordable prices on branded goods. The stuff they deal with is moderately used and imported from countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, and European Union. Despite being second-hand, most products have their quality intact, making them presentable and wearable for all seasons. Here customers can find various items, including clothes, accessories, shoes, electronics, toys, and hardware. Some of these are clearance products, while others still have the original price tag. It is amusing for the customers to find their favourite brands on street carts instead of luxurious outlets with exponentially lower prices.

Another interesting fact about them is that they have evolved over time. Years ago, they were only seen in historic parts of a city, with an attached stigma due to dealing with second-hand stuff. Citizens from the middle and upper classes believed that they were meant for the lower class, so they felt embarrassed to shop from there. However, today’s flea markets have removed that stigma by occupying busy and posh areas, widening their target market. Additionally, economic uncertainty and inflation have also played a major role in the growing popularity of flea markets.

Pakistanis Reveal Why They Shop from Landa Bazaar

However, the debate remains about the reasons that compel customers to buy used products from flea markets instead of purchasing new ones from brands. HoursTV’s team went to ‘Landa Bazaar’ in Lahore and asked customers and vendors about thier opinion on the matter. It is one of Pakistan’s most famous and oldest flea markets, located near the Lahore Railway Station.


The video shows customers from different backgrounds shopping in Landa Bazaar for different reasons. From students to professionals to businesspeople, everyone was excited to shop there. Almost all of them praised the pricing structure, which seemed unreal considering the quality of the products. According to one customer, products of similar quality in branded shops were 7 times more expensive than those in Landa Bazaar. So, it can be why they opt for shopping here as the item’s price is dramatically reduced for only being second-hand.

These markets are also beneficial for the poor citizens of Pakistan. In winter, they can get a high-quality windbreaker at a price they can afford. As in mainstream outlets and brands, jackets that actually protect from cold are too expensive, even for a middle-class person. It is impossible for a worker who earns 400 PKR daily wage to even think about going to the store to buy clothes. So this flea market provides affordability and flexibility to customers, who can reduce the price further by negotiating with the trader.


The video also includes views of Pakistanis who prefer purchasing the desired item from Landa Bazaar rather than brand outlets. For them, it is intelligent and economical compared to buying an expensive piece of attire with relatively similar quality. Most people are conscious of what others will think about them if they notice them in Landa Bazaar clothing. However, those who regularly choose this market are not concerned about that. They claim that it is hard to notice what one is wearing because of the quality and brand label on each article.

Similarly, students who have a limited budget also prefer to shop from Landa Bazaar. They can get 2 or 3 items at the same price set for 1 product in the stores. Even the upper class has adopted the same strategy to save some money. Besides clothes, the most popular things sold in Landa Bazaar are shoes. The variety of footwear in this market caters to all categories of customers. Students, bankers, workers, and even sports enthusiasts have found and bought thier desired pair for cheap thanks to flea markets like Landa Bazaar.

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