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This Is How the World is Celebrating New Year’s Eve

The world has been suffering from the covid plague. The previous 3 years have been quite tough on the public as they had never expected something severely lethal to jeopardize their daily life. However, despite the threat hanging over people’s heads, the world is ready to welcome 2022 with new hopes and expectations. In fact, many countries have already planned how they will entertain everyone with their New Year’s Eve celebrations. Famous cities of the world, including Sydney, Dubai, NYC, London, and others, have planned festivals to welcome the coming year.

New Year’s Eve in Different Parts of the World

The world is ready for 2022 as the hype of New Year’s Eve celebrations is off the charts. People are also discussing their plans regarding the night of fun on the internet. Social media accounts are the witnesses of people’s excitement. Other than that, different parts across the globe are also cooking something tasty for the public to enjoy the final moments of 2021. So, what exactly do multiple regions have up their sleeve?


Dubai becomes the entertainment hub every year with its festivals on New Year’s Eve. The charm of the city, Burj Ul Khalifa, and many other locations are also set to display the exclusive celebration packages before the world. Reportedly, this time, United Aram Emirates has planned many things. The famous singer and performer David Guetta is expected to perform live in the music gala at Louvre Abu Dhabi. Dubai is anticipated to celebrate the night with 36 fireworks shows, supposedly at 29 locations. The tallest tower of Dubai will be the centre of attention at midnight due to the drone laser shows and fireworks. Since it will be UAE’s Golden Jubilee along with New Year’s Eve, the public is expecting one hell of a show.

Furthermore, the celebrations and enjoyment aside, coronavirus is still a pain in the head. Thus, the government of UAE has advised the public to follow all the SOPs and take all the precautionary measures. Also, those who will not comply will have to pay AED 3000 fine.

Sydney, Australia

Like many other popular spots, Sydney has its own centre of attraction, i.e., the Opera House. The Australian beauty is setting up a firework show at the backdrop of Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House. According to reports, the showcase of the beautiful scenes will be witnessed from 30 vintage places.

Due to the covid restrictions, only ticket holders and fully vaccinated people will be able to enjoy the fireworks this year, reportedly.

New York City

Like every other famous place, NYC is also not staying behind at celebrating New Year’s Eve. Although, it will keep up with its tradition of hosting a grand party at Times Square. As per reports, many people will gather and enjoy the festivities. Since the event is quite popular, it will also be broadcast on television for those who couldn’t participate or admire it directly. As for the preventive measures against covid, the visitors are supposed to wear masks and show that they are completely vaccinated.

Moscow, Russia

Moscow is not coming slow with its festivities at the ending of 2021. The final evening of the passing year is expected to be spectacular since the authorities have backed out of applying any restrictions. There will be no pandemic measures. Moscow’s Red Square will be a Fair and Ice rink venue. The spectators and visitors will witness fireworks. Moreover, the clubs and restaurants will stay open for the whole night as the citizen can be carefree and enjoy New Year’s Eve.

States With Severe Restrictions

Where many cities are going to display glorifying events for New Year’s Eve, some are holding back to comply with the precautions against the coronavirus. These regions show good resistance against the New Year’s Eve celebrations amidst coronavirus. The capital of England, London, is among the places to avoid all the fun activities that might endanger people or increase the chance of getting infected. The authorities of Vienna, Austria, have also announced the nighttime curfew as no bars and food places will be opened to entertain the public. The cultural events will also not be organized. However, the Vienna State Opera is organizing the “The Bat”, an operetta by Johann Straub. Lastly, Paris has also decided not to increase any covid cases; thus, the police headquarters announced new curbs to avoid the threat. The drinking places will be closed during the night reportedly. As for the Eifel Tower festivities, it is not sure whether it will be like every year since the authorities have disallowed people to gather and make a crowd.

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