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Kiki Challenge- What Is So Weird About This Social Media Sensation

Many games like ice bucket challenge, mannequin challenge etc. have overwhelmed the social media in the recent past. These challenges were either for the promotion of some good cause or they were a mere social media entertainment. Whatever purpose they serve, they were not as weird as this Kiki challenge which is making people look abnormal.

People are labeling this Kiki Challenge as the dumbest thing.

It making people look, dumb guys.

What Is Kiki Challenge And Who Started It?

The weird Kiki challenge is about jumping from the moving car and dancing to the tunes of In My Feeling, a hit song of Canadian rapper Aubrey Drake Graham. The trend went viral after a comedian Shiggy danced the same way and posted the video on Instagram. And, from here began this #KikiChallenge which can make the performer look more than insane.

Here Is the Shiggy’s Video

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Making Fun of Kiki Challenge

Kiki challenge is not so easy to perform and it requires someone to wake up his/her inner stuntman. Further, it might make a person look cool in front of the camera, but behind the scene it makes them resemble the beggars.

A video that this Twitter user has shared says it all.

There are those who are making fun of it. One needs a car to attempt this challenge. Otherwise, it is unaffordable. Here is how this funny video describes the wretchedness of those who can’t make it to it.

This one is absolutely hilarious.

This one too

Why Is It So Weird?

It so weird from many aspects. First of all, you don’t look cool from every side. Secondly, you might fail at jumping from a moving car just like a stuntman. Thirdly, you can fall from the car and end up getting injured. Fourthly, there is a good chance that you hit a pole, stumble upon some stone or bang yourself into a by-passer you come across.

Police in all the states of India is asking people to refrain from it.

Well, the song of Drake is really something that can make people swipe off their feet. But, this doesn’t mean they should go insane start hitting poles and bypassers.

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