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Pakistani Man’s Rupee 20,000 Wedding Goes Viral For Right Reasons

It is time to get over $100 million wedding of Mukesh Ambani’s daughter Isha Ambani as a Pakistani man’s rupee 20,000 wedding is something worth talking about.

A Pakistan based photographer Rizwan only held a simple valima ceremony that saw only 25 guests in attendance that too from closed friends and family circle from groom and bride’s side.

All About Rupee 20,000 Wedding From Pakistan

Can’t believe in the story of Rupee 20,000 wedding with only 25 guests…? Check this twitter thread by the user Rizwan Pehelwan.

Rizwan took to Twitter to describe his rupee 20,000 wedding. The guest list had only 25 names and the venue of the event was terrace. Despite such a simplicity he offered mouth watering food to his guests. The menu included delicious chicken tikka, pathooray chanay, seekh kabab and strawberry as dessert.

In case you are still wondering how this Rupee- 20000 wedding was possible just have a look at further details.

How Rizwan Arranged for Logistics and Decoration

Well, details are bit hilarious. Like, he borrowed chairs from neighbourhood election committee and his friends brought strawberries and icecream as sweet dish.

They Observed Simplicity in Dresses As Well

And, there were also no branded lehengas and costly Sherwanis. The couple wore plain blue dress that too gifted by groom’s mom and sister.

So, they used Rupee 20000 budget to buy chicken and other food items, while their family helped with logistics and other such stuff.

A Message to Find the Pursuit of Happiness

The message behind such a simple and low key wedding ceremony was not that complicated to understand. It just elaborated that a marrriage celebration doesn’t need to be something like extravaganza at Isha Ambani wedding ceremony. Rizwan also didn’t mean to convey that people shouldn’t spend too much money on their wedding ceremonies. In fact, he conveyed the simple message of doing what makes them happy and it doesn’t necessarily requires throwing away millions of rupees.

So it is not all about doing something small and big. It is all about staying calm and being happy which can come from anywhere.

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