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Bernie Sanders Memes Steal The Show At Biden Inauguration

Senator Bernie Sanders was spotted during the inauguration of the new President of the United States. Joe Biden has finally snubbed Donald Trump’s position but people were probably more worried about how Sanders was feeling. It looked like he was cozy with his simplistic but elegant dress code with Vermont native mittens. The creative lot on social media started making Bernie Sanders memes at this exact moment:

Bernie Sanders Memes Making Round On Social Media

The way Sanders was sitting alone at the stands triggered hilarious meme-fest. Throughout the inauguration day, people placed him at the weirdest locations one can think of.

Somebody added him to Edward and Bella’s wedding as well. This was a scene from the movie Twilight: Breaking Dawn in which all attention was supposed to be on the couple.

People were shocked to see him as the head of the Avengers table in S.H.I.E.L.D. Despite Americans considering this politician as a simple or funny guy, they were equally disheartened by his exit from the Presidential race.

Someone went as far as taking Bernie to 1963 where he was arrested for civil rights activism against segregation of Chicago schools. He was a student at the University of Chicago at that time.

Speaking of weird places, here one Pakistani Twitter user showing Bernie Sanders at an opposition rally against Prime Minister Imran Khan. It seems like that Bernie also wants to know what Khan has been doing with all the money and whether his government is foreign-funded.

In Absence Of Trump

Another reason for Bernie Sanders memes to get that kind of attention is the absence of Trump. Otherwise, it was likely that these memes would have been about Trump, not Bernie. People might have only needed some kind of entertaining figure, which was present at the inauguration gala in the shape of Bernie. 

Make Bernie Appear Anywhere

A full-fledged website came into being after Bernie Sanders memes went viral. Its sole purpose was to allow users to place the same cut-out of Bernie at the location of their own choice.

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