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Girls Mock Restaurant Cannoli’s Manager and Face Outrage

The owners of Cannoli hotel Islamabad, Pakistan, Uzma and Thea mock restaurant manager’s fluency in English. They called him and asked him to give his introduction in English. The manager spoke a little in his non-native language. This led the proprietors to make fun of how he took three courses in language learning and still wasn’t able to communicate. Their mockery backfired and they became a target of ridicule and criticism. 

Mock Restaurant Manager’s English And Karma Will Pay Back

The public after witnessing how the elitists took an approach to insult someone who is not superior to them, initiated a wave of ridicule towards the owners of the cannoli restaurant. The tale didn’t end with the humoristic critics but took a form of a slogan Boycott Cannoli, on social media. 

Apparently, the public didn’t like the way how the manager was being treated publicly. Thus, they decided to let the cannoli owners taste their own medicine. 

Why Cannoli Owners Faced So Much Criticism?

The 21st century along with the past year 2020, are the game-changers. For many years, the English language has been given massive importance due to its nature of being a lingua franca. However, many countries like China and France are keen on using their native language rather than the globally used language. 

In the case of Pakistan, supposedly, a wide range of personalities doesn’t appreciate people judging them over some language, especially the English language. Consequently, when they found out how the girls tried to mock the restaurant manager’s fluency because he couldn’t speak the sentence in English properly, they started to criticize their behavior. 

How English Qualify as Workplace Harassment?

Allegedly, the language English is something that many people believed to be associated with intelligence and superiority. In the light of the recent events, many raised a point that English is not a measurement of excellence. Although, many individuals who watched the viral and insulting video targeting a hotel manager, opined the act was nothing but workplace harassment towards the inferior. 

Reportedly, after the incident came to light, many gave their opinions regarding communication skills in the working environment. Sadly, none of the individuals emphasized the use of the English language in order to become successful.

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