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Anonymous Hacks Myanmar Military Websites Amid Coup

The violent Military coup in Myanmar is escalating to dangerous levels as police has been using live bullets against the anti-crackdown protestors. A number of reports about casualties are being published but one cannot fully verify the details. The only confirmed fact right now is that the civilian uprising has been equally strong despite the police response. It began when the army disrupted the internet after taking over the country and arresting democratic leaders. The number of affected civilians who were protesting to demand the release of the elected leader Aung San Suu Kyi, is growing in multiple cities. In support of the anti-coup protestors, a popular hacktivist group Anonymous attacked the military-run websites to disrupt the internet for military junta as well. The group has recently shared the list of Myanmar military websites that it hacked. The social media has been grateful for the group’s efforts in favor of oppressed civilians.

These Myanmar Military Websites Are Down

The hacktivist group claimed to have taken down more than 20 Myanmar military websites since the beginning of violence against protestors. It announced from one its twitter accounts that it did it as for the people of Myanmar. It actively announced on twitter that it stands with the people of Myanmar for justice and democracy.

These are very crucial websites for the junta as they include government’s official site, statistical organizations, and various industries. This will hurt the generals emotionally and financially. Anonymous has a history of supporting of various protests against human rights abuses like George Floyd case.

Silence Of The International Community

The international community has not been able to do much for the people distressed under the military coup. Even the US preferred to bomb Syria in coalition with the government instead of trying to save innocent civilians in Myanmar. Conducting cyberattacks against the oppressive military regime was the group’s way of raising alarm.

A number of folks have shown their pleasure on social media for Anonymous. They thanked the group for showing their support and advocated for the verification sign on their twitter presence.

It is to be noted that as the group is a decentralized system, it has multiple social media accounts operated by multiple people with a same goal.

Anonymous Calls To Restore Democracy In Myanmar

A few days ago Anonymous allegedly released a video that warned the coup leaders about its intervention. It has alleged that after taking over the country, the army manipulated the media and spread disinformation to confuse the rest of the world. The video includes disturbing images of the violence by the military towards peaceful protestors.

The dramatic video below incites sense of revolution for average public to demand the end of human right abuses. It has apparently called for the international protest against Myanmar military on February 28th.

The YouTube channel, Anonymous used for uploading the video shows that it has been created a week ago.

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