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Queen Elizabeth’s ‘Out of Touch’ Christmas Speech Stirs Controversy

British royal family always remains in the news for one reason or other. Be it the royal weddings, the birth of royal babies or celebrations, British monarch is always talk of the town. This time it is Queen Elizabeth’s Christmas speech which is criticised for being out of touch.

The speech has stirred a debate for not finding Queen’s speech so relatable due to her majesty’s lavish lifestyle and luxurious stuff placed in background.

What Was So Wrong with Queen Elizabeth’s Speech?

Apparently, there was nothing wrong with the queen’s speech but it still stirred a social media debate mainly because of that gold piano in background that made it out of touch.

The Christmas speech by British queen delivered a message of unity particularly in the time when an atmosphere of uncertainty was dominating the United Kingdom. While her fans appreciated her words, the haters took to Twitter to highlight the Queen’s lavish backdrop at Buckingham Palace that included a Gold piano, antique pieces and other luxurious goods.

So, a billionaire sitting before in front of gold plated piano can’t give the message of unity…?

This user called upon Queen Elizabeth to talk what a true monarch could have done in a time the British is passing through, but it remained a centre of attention for Harry and Meghan wedding and other events of royal family.

And there was a question if Queen really intended to help poor and do something for its people then why she didn’t sell her piano to charity.

More people called queen to sell her precious jewels and belongings that she owns.

Just thinking…. What queen would have done if she really bothered that museum quality furniture in Buckingham palace would get more attention than her speech…???

Folks were quick to figure out how the luxurious stuff in background of Queen Elizabeth’s speech at Buckingham palace could have helped end poverty.

What Her Fans Have to Say About This…?

Fans are like after all, she is a queen so any objection on her possessing a gold piano is merely stupid.

Some were throwing light on the history of piano that it was bought by Queen Victoria in 1856 and was a part of Royal Collection Trust.

The debate on all this piano episode and Queen Elizabeth’s Christmas speech going out of touch might seem useless. After all, the royals are always characterised by their lavish lifestyle and precious stuff they own.

But, do you think that such a debate in 21st century doesn’t really have any value when the world is struggling with rampant relative poverty…?

Share your opinion in comment box.

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