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These iPhone 12 Memes Tell If You Should Buy New Phone or Not

It was meme time on social media as Apple announced the upcoming iPhone 12 lineup. Tech giant’s latest flagship opened up to mixed reviews. Users made iPhone 12 memes on the various bothersome aspects of the phone.

A great deal about the new iPhone was leaked before the glorious Apple Event. After the event, public took to twitter to share their thoughts on the spectacle.

iPhone 12 Memes Flood The Internet

Users were quick to judge that the new iPhone was not much different than its predecessor. Most of these funny iPhone 12 memes explain the same thing. Users made a joke on iPhone users who might still feel happy to buy the overrated device.

Those who just got the iPhone 11 last year might feel the worst right now. They will probably do the same thing Andy did to Woody in Toy Story part 1.

After Apple revealed the official color scheme at the event, the very first thing that came to mind was BTS. Apparently, one of their album cover (Resonance) features the same colors.  

Does It Costs More Than It Offers

Many were disappointed after looking at the design physically. The majority said that it looks just like iPhone 5 which arrived in 2012. Therefore, the excitement of holding the latest iPhone quickly faded away. Some users described their expectation in the form of funny iPhone 12 memes that the new phone could have done something which justified the buying cost of one phone

Some iPhone lovers might have only one kidney left after buying each and every model the tech giant releases. In that case, memers suggested that they could be looking to sell another vital organ.

Making the iPhone 12 memes is so much fun that everyone tries to give their input. This one said that even those who cannot afford iPhone 12 were avidly making memes. Probably to check how being in that particular class felt for a time being.

This user had a plan to get iPhone 12 for only 30 USD. However, it may require him to equip some questionable props. The process involves threatening the iPhone 12 owner with a balaclava and a hunting pistol. This method is rather illegal and dangerous, so not recommended.

What’s Not In The Box

Tech giant’s exclusion of obligatory accessories with the phone also hit hard to the users. It’s a sad day for iPhone lovers who would have to pay extra for Ear Pods and Adapter as the box only includes the phone, the cable, the SIM ejector, and some papers.

Rigid Apple followers who mostly belong to rich backgrounds might not bother with this hit and miss. They will most probably purchase the phone anyway and be content with their new toy.

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