Terms and Conditions for Content Submission

HoursTV.com Editorial Guidelines

Thanks for your interest in writing for HoursTV.com. We love to get contributions from other aspiring writers who want their voice heard.

Please read these editorial guidelines carefully before submitting your content for consideration.

We Love Something New, Unique and Different

Do not try to become a “Me Too” content creator. We do not publish articles covered by other websites. Please try to come up with things which have not been previously covered by anyone else. Otherwise, you are bound to get a NO from our editorial team. Please come up with something unique and original which the readers would be interested in reading.

Details and Research Give Authenticity

Please make sure to include details. Do not try to fill in space. HoursTV.com’s editorial team does not publish shoddy and run of the mill content. It adds zero value to our web presence and therefore, you need to come up with well-researched content, offering a unique or at least different perspective.

The Rights of HoursTV.com

You need to protect HoursTV.com in any and all of the following cases.

  1. You must agree to indemnify HoursTV.com’s management, employees, subsidiaries, and any other entities directly or indirectly related to it against any specific or implicit legal complications under all circumstances.
  2. You agree that you will be responsible for the authenticity, accuracy, truthfulness, and the facts covered in your content. You need to ensure your content does not offend any community, religion, race, region, or race. In all such cases, you will be responsible for implications of such materials published on HoursTV.com, if it somehow is get published.
  3. You agree that you would exercise reasonable care in writing content while quoting facts. In the case of any wrongful quoting of facts, you and the entity you represent will be responsible.

Final Authority on Publishing, Deleting, Editing or Removing Content

HoursTV.com’s management and editorial team will have the final say on getting the content published. We may accept or reject any content by giving no justification to anyone. We can also remove any content already published due to any reason. HoursTV.com’s team is not legally liable to give an explanation to any content provider for its editorial policies.

We always strive to live by the law of the land and are always open to suggestions to make any amends to comply with all relevant local and international laws.

If you have any concerns about content published on our website, please feel free to get in touch with us.