Saturday, December 3, 2022
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Monal in Islamabad to Become Wildlife Educational Center

There are plans to transform Monal in Islamabad into a Wildlife Educational Center. According to reports, the Islamabad Wildlife Management Board (IWMB) prepared a proposal to establish Wildlife Educational Centre in place of the most popular hot spot in Islamabad, Monal Restaurant. They will reportedly present this proposal for final approval at an undisclosed date.

The climate change ministry strongly supported the decision to seal Monal Restaurant earlier this year. Reportedly it has been sealed 3 times before but the management was able to take stay order. This time that won’t be possible.

Why Monal in Islamabad is Turning into Wildlife Educational Center?

The report said that IWMB made this proposal to raise awareness about “protecting and preserving” Margalla Hills National Park (MHNP). IWMB chairperson Rina Saeed said that its projects would encourage the visitors to respect the national park and value its biodiversity.

Those in favor of the popular restaurant Monal in Islamabad have been campaigning on social media with hashtag #SaveMonal. They have pointed out the sorry condition of wildlife in Pakistan and advised the government to take care of them too instead of obsessing over just one structure.

The employees of the former restaurant have also been protesting against its closure.

Other Restaurants in Vicinity

The IWMB has reportedly also announced to serve notices to 2 other restaurants adjacent to Monal in Islamabad. While Monal was shut down, they were still operating on the National Park area. Many criticized the court decision to take action against only 1 restaurant and ignoring others. However, after severe backlash now the authorities are closing them down as well. The Ministry of climate change said that they have started the efforts to restore national park’s land, which local businessmen and builders “illegally occupied for residential and commercial activities”. Furthermore, the ministry is confident that this court’s decision would be helpful in restoring the park’s ecosystem by promoting flora and fauna.

IWMB chairperson Rina Saeed informed that they will also turn the Old Islamabad Zoo into a wildlife park with an individual rescue centre for injured animals. She confirmed that both of these centers will be available for general public visit and Capital Development Authority (CDA) also agreed with the projects.

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