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Pakistan Hopes The Safe Return Of Ali Sadpara And Friends

The search and rescue mission for the mountaineers Muhammad Ali Sadpara (Pakistan), John Snorri (Iceland), and Juan Pablo (Chile) has entered third day. According to the reports, there is certainty that all three men have successfully completed the K2 Winter Summit 2021, but got lost on their way back. Pakistan military is responsible for finding the signs while the public is hoping not to hear any devastating news.

Many have doubted the safety of Ali Sadpara and others, including his own son. Sajid Ali Sadpara who accompanied his father on this expedition, quit early due to equipment issues. Sadpara reportedly asked his son to go back to safe zone, where he told the reporters that there were nearly zero chances for his father to be alive out there.

Ali Sadpara Last Seen In The Death Zone

Exhausted and heartbroken Sajid told the reporters that the three mountaineers have probably met an accident while descending from the beast. He abandoned the group at 8200 meters while the trio was going into the bottleneck, which is the most methodical part of this mountain. Sajid said that it was only 2 hours away from the summit. It lies above 8000m which is also called the death zone, where human body consumes oxygen faster than it produces. Which is why climbers carry supplementary oxygen tanks to survive the atmosphere.

Rescue operation consisting of military helicopters and expert climbers have been going on for three days without success. Ali Sadpara’s son also believed that the others have summited before going missing on Friday, 5th February. After his equipment malfunctioned and he returned to the base camp, the 21-year-old was shaking while talking to the reporters. The things he saw on the disastrous mountain took away his hope. He said that the search and rescue operation make sense only while looking for the dead bodies.

Search And Rescue Operation

Home Secretary M. A. Randhawa warned that weather has been building up but rescue team will continue the search operation, on the guidelines of Youngest Mountaineer (till 2019) to summit all 14 eight-thousanders, Chhang Dawa Sherpa. The expert mountaineer has marked point of interests where the party could search for the three climbers.

Today marks the third day of rescue operation and the search party has not found a single clue. Dawa Sherpa shared images from the helicopter to show dangerous weather conditions and clouds covering up the top of the mountain. The team said that it would wait for a much more permissible weather to continue search properly.

The Beast Is On A Killing Spree

It was the group’s second attempt after heavy snowfall cancelled their first attempt in December 2020. Before this season, K2 has never been summitted in the winter season and this ruthless season has already killed three others climbers. First death was of Atanas Skatov from Bulgaria, who reportedly fell while trying to climb K2. His body was retrieved by a helicopter on 5th February 2021. Second death was on the same day as Sergio Mingote from Spain fell down a crevasse while attempting to return to base camp. And last month, Alex Goldfarb-Rumyantzev from the US died while scaling Pastore Peak to prepare for summiting 8046m Broad Peak.

Only a team of 10 Nepali Sherpas became the first people to summit K2 in the winter season. Climbing the highest point of Karakoram mountain range in winter is a matter of life and death due to unpredictable weather which is constantly changing. Even though Mount Everest is known as the world’s highest mountain, K2 lies much farther to the North. Due to this, the second-highest mountain has the worse weather conditions than the world’s highest and also terrain. Everest is not even the tallest mountain in the world, geographically. The temperature at K2 can reach -60 degrees while -42 is the lowest recorded temperature on Mount Everest.

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