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What Caused US Basketball Player Kobe Byrant’s Helicopter to Crash

American basketball star Kobe Byrant died in a helicopter crash along with his teenager daughter Gianna and her teammates. According to reports nine people were boarding on helicopter destined for Thousands Oaks California for a sunday basketball game to be played by Gianna and her teammates.

Orange Coast College Baseball coach, John Altobell, his wife and their daughter Alyssa were among the people on board, reportedly.

What Caused Byrant Kobe’s Helicopter to Crash

Initial reports suggest that Kobe’s helicopter was crashed due to foggy weather conditions and not some technical fault.

Byrant Kobe’s helicopter crashed in hillside in Calabasas California on a Sunday morning. Authorities are reportedly seeing difficulty in investigating the cause of crash as site of accident was not easy to access. Further, the visibility due to fog was so low that Los Angeles Police had to ground its helicopters.

World Mourning the Death of Kobe

Kobe Byrant was a legendary basketball player who was not only a star in the United States but also entire world. Philadelphia born Kobe started his NBA career with Los Angeles Lakers and won five championships untill he retired in April 2016.

Soon after the news of Kobe’s plane crash went viral people took to social media to express their grieve and condole with the his family that includes Kobe’s wife Venessa Byrant and three daughters. Fans also visited Los Angeles’ stadium Staples Center to lay flowers on memorial of Byrant and present their tribute to the legend.

The star was also remembered at Grammy Awards ceremony that took place at Staples Center Los Angels on the day following Kobe’s helicopter crash.

Here is what the world had to say on the death of basketball super star.

Fans from all over the world were grieving the loss of basketball player.

Byrant Kobe was also an olympic gold medalist.

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