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On This World Food Day, Let’s Praise The Countless Blessings Of Nature

World food day is celebrated to provide awareness among the public regarding the food and how to save it for the next generation as well. Our world is suffering from so many crises and we need to build more natural food resources for finding a solution to food shortage.

World Food Day History

This day is celebrated to honor the date of October 16 because, on this day in 1945 United States America, Food and Agriculture Foundation came into being. Whereas, several other organization also celebrate this day regarding the urge and security of food!

Our Actions Are Our Future

There are many themes which are being discussed in previous years on world food day. for example, family farming and climate change but the theme of this year are our actions are our future.

Zero Hunger

This theme aims to aware the world regarding the cause of hunger and the way to eradicate this hunger and poverty is to stop wasting food!

Healthy Diet

This day take initiative and eat healthy to ensure a healthy and blessed future.




Organic Food

Growing your own organic food is also a very important thing. There are many vegetables and fruits which could be grown in a natural environment in your own backyard for example coriander, chilies, tomatoes, and grapes. This world food day we can decide to invest in harvesting our own food rather than purchasing inorganic material from stores.

Tasty food and junk food is not considered important on this day because this is an extremely luxurious diet for humans when all other creatures are dying because of hunger. This World Food Day lets take an initiative that we will save food and will make sure no one is hungry around us.

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