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Indian Government Revokes Article 370 Ending Special Status to Kashmir

The Indian government has revoked the article 370 that allows special status to Indian occupied Kashmir thus ending the political autonomy of the state. Kashmir is likely to become a union state administerd by Dehli after the revocation.

What Harm the Reovcaton of Article 370 Will Do?

Indian government’s decision to end the political autonomy of Kashmir through revocation of article 370 has sparked outrage in Kashmir. For many Kashmiris, abolishing the article represents oppression. The article prevented any non-Kashmiri from buying any property or become a permanent resident of Kashmir while at the same time allowing the Kashmiris living in the Indian occupied Kashmir political autonomy to govern themselves.

Furthermore, the abolishment of this article will allow non-Kashmiris to apply for governmental administrative jobs or educational scholarships that were once reserved for Kashmiris. It will turn the state into a Union and absolve all the governing bodies in the region, thereby forcing the Kashmiris to become subservient to the Indian constitution that too against their will

Human Rights activists and concerned bodies feel that the real reason why the government is revoking Article 370 and 35A is to allow a large influx of Hindus into the region and turn the only Muslim majority state into a Muslim minority state.

How Kashmiri Leaders Are Reacting to Situation

For many Indian Kashmiri Muslims, this is the darkest day in history as they feel that India has let Kashmir down again.

The Indian government, before presenting the bill, placed prominent Kashmiris leaders under house arrest. They furthermore suspended all communicational services as a countermeasure to prevent any protest.

The Revocation of Article 370 Is Unconstitutional

According to Congress MP and former union minister of India P. Chidambaram, the BJP will stop at nothing to achieve its goal. It will use every dirty trick to get its work done. While talking to the media, he said, “the revocation of these articles is unconstitutional and presents a clear threat to the unity of Indians. The passing of this bill will allow the government to dismantle any governmental body that does not coincide with its doctrine.”

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