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News about Pakistani Couple Kissing on Airblue Flight Goes Viral

According to The Express Tribune, a couple was publicly kissing on a flight which apparently made passengers feel awkward. One of them was an advocate who complained to Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) about the incident to an English newspaper. Eyewitnesses expected that the couple kissing on Airblue would consider social distancing rules throughout the duration of the flight but it refused to wait.

Reportedly, upon multiple requests, the couple claimed that nobody should interfere in their private business. Ultimately, the air hostess had to give them a blanket so they can continue their business a bit more privately. It also helped in obstructing the view of passengers who were allegedly uncomfortable due to that activity.

Here’s the story by The Express Tribune:

Couple Kissing on Airblue Becomes Inspiration

The news instantly went viral as many social media users started to give their own opinion on the situation at hand. The nation was obviously polarized which included those who are rebellious of moral policing and those who still feel that physical affection must be reserved for private encounters. Then there are those who were overjoyed by the guts of the couple and would want to try it themselves. A gesture by the hostess to facilitate the couple kissing on Airblue may have also piqued their interest.

Letting Everyone Enjoy Freedom

It is clear that nobody can do anything to stop individuals from enjoying the liberties while they can without caring about the sentiments of others around them. Some social media users gave examples of other kinds of Pakistanis who would do similar things in public, which are awkward for other people if not done in private.

Astonishment at the Coverage of Couple Kissing

As insignificant as the news was, it turned out to be meme material. Many social media users shared their creativity with the outrageous memes on the whole situation. There could have been surely a lot of other important stuff to cover than this.

 Is Public Display of Affection, Public Indecency?

While many defended the couple, there were others who disagreed with the logic presented by the couple kissing on airblue. They opined that public places like aircraft have no privacy so what kind of privacy they were demanding?

It is possible that a couple simply wanted others to be tolerant and ignore whatever they were doing with each other. It is quite easy to turn away the gaze if someone is feeling uncomfortable with the view. Some users advised others to take one more inspiration from the couple, which was to mind their own business. They feel it is not one’s responsibility to interfere between two consenting adults.

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