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6 Euro 2020 Final Memes Show How England Lost to Italy

Italy has been crowned champions of the Euro 2020 championship after beating England in the final match on 12 July. Social media has been flooded with scathing Euro 2020 final memes that made the pain of English fans further excruciating, considering their hooligan behavior throughout. Italy’s Leonardo Bonucci and England’s Luke Shaw scored only goals on each side during the entire 90-minute match. Either team failed to break the 1-1 tie in 30 minutes of extra time due to which the winner had to be decided on penalties.

Italy successfully netted 3 penalties thanks to Bonucci, Berardi, and Bernardeschi while Jorginho and Belotti missed. On the other hand, only Harry Kane and Harry Maguire scored but Sancho, Rashford, and Saka failed to convert. Unfortunately, these 3 players were black so it brought a lot of racial abuse from England’s fans, who reacted violently and irresponsibly during the tournament and after the loss.

It is a major win for Italy as it is their first UEFA Championship victory after 1968.

Euro 2020 Final Memes Fest on social media

The supporters of the English team were confident that the trophy was coming home but Italy foiled their plans. Hundreds of social media users worldwide kept on trolling England and its fans with Euro 2020 final memes. It was fun for them how Britain was arrogant and racist throughout the tournament. Many argued that England did not deserve to win the cup with their current ethics, so it went to the right place.

There were many special moments in the game out of which one will stick for a long time. It was a moment when captain Giorgio Chiellini showed off his villainous side to a 19-year-old Saka, who could not bear the pressure and fell. Italy has never shied away from a rough and dirty game but those who have beaten them came prepared for all of this. England’s penalty shootout record is also not illustrious. It has been in total 10 penalty rounds at major international tournaments but has only won 3. Against Italy, it was their second penalty face-off in history and they lost both.

English Fans Get What They Deserve

There have been a lot of examples of white egotism, racism, and inbred arrogance for which Great Britain is infamous. Social media users reminded how brutal were England’s supporters to a little German girl, who was crying after her country lost to England. They reposted her picture with horrible editing, verbal abuse, and intolerant nationalistic pride. Some even blamed the black players for this loss and abused them racially. One group vandalized Marcus Rashford’s mural and wrote racial slurs on it. On the other hand, some sore losers physically attacked Italian team supporters and the video went viral. Moreover, they were openly racist and abusive on social media for the entirety of the tournament. People did the same thing to England and showed how this “great” country was unable to bear the loss and reacting foolishly.

Viewers could not stop comparing both England and Italy supporters due to the sheer degeneracy by Britishers. The almost entire world was rooting for Italy to win as England’s crowd had been a menace. Euro 2020 final memes got further creative when Italian supporters were found criticizing the Americanized version of their favorite food.

Reactions Beyond Football

Many Italian fans are aware of England’s habit of downplaying racism. When Meghan Markle was routinely criticized and attacked after getting married to Prince Harry, British media played along with it rather than seeing the problem. Moreover, they created more racial jokes on Meghan. She had little support from the Royal Family and British community, so she preferred to go back. Italy’s supporters claimed that they loved Meghan and they would have treated her better than English did.

Speaking of Royal Family, it seemed like that their happiness turned to sorrow within 120 minutes. Little Prince George was seen cheering with arms wide open in the beginning but after the match his reaction was heartbreaking. Many Euro 2020 final memes on the internet mocked him as revenge for that German girl that English fans targeted racially.

Some Indians were also jumping the bandwagon of “it’s coming home” chants when a fellow Indian tried to show them the reality. When Britishers looted India before leaving their rule, they also took the most precious Indian diamond for decorating the queen’s crown.

Moreover, how can anyone forget the disastrous Brexit trade deal the UK made with Europe to individualize itself. The public reckoned that the Brexit has now been officially completed as the European Champions, Italy has shown that England still has to cover a lot of miles in terms of football and its treatment of players.

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