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Minal Khan Gets Trolled for Stealing Kylie Jenner Story

Pakistani actress Minal Khan has become the latest meme template after copying American model Kylie Jenner’s Instagram story and posting it as her own. Khan’s followers caught her within minutes when she uploaded the screenshot of Kylie Jenner story, trying to show she had a vitamin-rich breakfast. The actor also cropped out a napkin that said “KylieAir” to make it unique. Many Pakistan social media users, who had already followed Kylie on social media, turned out that they recognized the picture. Since then, they have been trolling the Pakistani actress for misleading the public about her breakfast routine.

What was Kylie Jenner Story About?

The stolen picture contained a tray of fancy fruits lined up in an organized manner. The striking image of an exotic fruit platter was hard to miss. Anybody going through Instagram could have easily memorized the picture. This is why it was hard for Minal Khan to make it look authentic. Social media users criticized Khan for stealing someone’s original image rather than creating her own. They also schooled her for not even giving the credit as Kylie Jenner story inspired her to use it on her own page. This led to many memes in which people ridiculed Khan for trying to be like the American model.

Obsession With Elite Culture

Despite being famous in their own right, some artists still copy other artists’ work, fashion, and social media posts. Others also manipulate their original photos to make them look different to the masses. The most common examples include the entire family of Kylie Jenner. This family is filthy rich, and it loves to exhibit it. However, others don’t need to copy whatever they do in their life. Social media users hate this practice and have exposed it many times. Just last year, they trolled Hira Mani for making herself look slim by editing a picture. It shows how some Pakistani celebrities are also obsessed with elite culture and mislead their fans into thinking they are also like those famous western models. Copying Kylie Jenner story may make Minal Khan look elite in photos, but in reality, it is just another cheap act.

Cheater and Proud

After seeing how she was being grilled on social media, the actor responded with a hilarious reaction. Khan re-shared one of the memes and admitted that copying someone else’s story was like “soul satisfaction” for her. Netizens equated her response to the same answer Sanjay Dutt’s character gave in Munna Bhai MBBS when he was caught cheating in a Medical exam.

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