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Pervaiz Musharraf Death Reports are Rubbish

Former President of Pakistan Pervaiz Musharraf has been suffering from health complications for a long time. Then suddenly, today, there were reports about Pervaiz Musharraf death, mainly from some reputable Indian outlets. Some claimed that he passed away, while others reported he was on a ventilator. It was also said that the Pakistani channel Waqt news also contributed to spreading the lie. Multiple sources have now confirmed that Musharraf is alive but not well.

Family Debunks Pervaiz Musharraf Death Rumors

As per Musharraf’s Twitter account, the family stated that the retired general had been hospitalized for the last 3 weeks due to complications with his disease, Amyloidosis. They warned that Musharraf was at a critical stage. His organs were failing, and recovery did not seem possible. They called for prayers and also confirmed that he was not on a ventilator.

What is Amyloidosis?

Amyloidosis is a group of rare diseases caused by an abnormal protein called amyloid building up inside tissues and organs in the human body. Amyloid proteins can cause organs and tissues to malfunction, leading to organ failure if treatment is not on time.

Common symptoms of Amyloidosis include kidney failure, heart failure, fainting after sitting or standing up, numbness or pins and needles in limbs, nausea, diarrhoea or constipation, and easy bruising.

It can be caused by an abnormality in plasma cells found in the bone marrow. The abnormal plasma cells produce abnormal light chain proteins, which enter the bloodstream to form amyloid deposits. In a patient with Amyloidosis, these abnormal light chain proteins come together in a cluster which is difficult for the body to clear. A healthy person has normal light chain proteins, which protect the body as natural antibody proteins.

Wanted for High Treason in Pakistan

Retired General Pervaiz Musharraf of Pakistan Muslim League Q (PMLN-Q) resigned as Pakistan’s President in 2008 after opposition parties comprising the Pakistan Muslim League N (PMLN-N), Pakistan People’s Party (PPP), Awami National Party (ANP), and Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam (JUI) started a movement to impeach him.

Musharraf also suspended the constitution in 2007 and made unlawful changes to it. He was charged with high treason in 2014, but critics doubted that the government wanted to persecute him. Then in 2019, a special court gave the death penalty to Musharraf in high treason case under article 6 of the constitution. He left the country in 2016 for medical treatment in Dubai and hasn’t returned since.

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