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Here Is Everything You Need to Know about 5G In Pakistan

Pakistan is presumably one of the most 5G ready countries in the world. Multiple telecommunication companies have been ambitiously moving forward with the plan of launching 5G in Pakistan. The telecom companies including Zong and Jazz previously started testing the fastest internet service. Now, PTCL, Pakistan’s national telecommunication company is taking innovative steps to turn the concept of 5G into a reality in the country. Moreover, numerous wonderments infer that, with the current infrastructure in Pakistan, will the companies be able to acquire the results that they have been continuously promising to deliver.  

PTCL 5G In Pakistan: Test Results 

Pakistan’s national telecommunication company, PTCL is about to take a step towards technological advancement by launching 5G for its users. The company holds the title of one of the largest code-division-multiple-access (CDMA) operators, due to which, it is aspiring to offer 5G service in a limited environment. Besides, the company ran internet tests to ensure the stability of the project. Additionally, the telecommunication group revealed the purpose of such initiation and the achievements that it will grasp after its expected success.  

As per authorities the latest 5G trial revealed promising outcomes. The internet speed test showed downloading data rate of more than 1.6GB per second. The minister also mentioned that the cause of such progressiveness is to consider the factors including financial and economic development. The reason is that communication is a significant aspect associated with the growth and development of the economy. Lastly, the high-speed internet will allow people to consider the digital payment system in Pakistan more frequently. 

Despite several promises by PTCL to deliver the 5G services, critics are asserting that it is very unlikely for the national telecom company of Pakistan to implement such plans. The reason for such criticism is that the company is already offering below the par services to its customers. The infrastructure for internet provision, particularly in rural areas and the remote towns needs attention.

PTA Disallowing ZONG to Commercialize 5G

In 2019, ZONG started to act upon its 5G in Pakistan plan. Its trials were successful and presented the people with impressive results. However, their idea did not prosper for long since PTA directed it to discontinue the advertisements of the fastest internet trials. Seemingly, the government of Pakistan only allowed ZONG to conduct the trials but not to proceed with the use of 5G commercially. In light of the government’s directions, PTA declared the cellular mobile operator unauthorized for the 5G implementation for commercial use. 

Other telecommunication companies also performed their roles in conducting 5G tests in Pakistan; however, they couldn’t meet the expected conclusions until PTCL came up with an auspicious success rate.  

Why Does Public Blame Govt? 

Several social media users intervened with their questions regarding the alleged biasness considering the efforts of ZONG, Jazz/Mobilink, PTCL, and certain other companies. About their opinions, they claimed that Pakistan’s Government played a trick on other telecom companies who ran trials regulate 5G in Pakistan. They claimed that Govt didn’t let ZONG commercialize 5G in the country just to promote and increase the marketing of PTCL.  

Another major challenge in the way of 5G deployment in Pakistan is that majority of users rely on midrange smartphones that may or may not be 5G enabled. Even if the 5G deployment is successful and companies start offering uninterrupted fast internet services the end customers will need to switch towards the latest versions of the smartphones, that support these technologies.

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