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Until recently, brain health was more of a fad, a fashion statement, or more of a topic to discuss. The busyness of the modern life has started impacting our ability to think and function more efficiently as humans. As our body needs exercise to become fit and physically in the best shape. So does our mind need to be healthy so that we enjoy the blessings of life. So How Exercise Impacts Brain Health? Here are some ways how exercise helps improve brain health. Removal of Harmful Toxins from the Body There are several ways in which physical exertion helps improve brain health. The increase in your heart rate lets more oxygen flow to the brain. Also, it helps excrete many of the harmful toxins out of the body. All these have an overall positive impact on bettering brain health. The lack of physical activity, on the contrary, keeps building these hazardous chemicals in the body and thus also impacts your mind’s functioning. Stimulation of Growth One of the benefits of exercising is that it helps stimulate brain growth. There is an increase in development of new connections between the cortical brain areas. Thus, physical exertion impacts the factors which promote the growth of new neurons. Therefore, when you indulge in physical activity, it helps improve the environment that your mind needs to function better. Reduction in Stress Stress is one of the most highly toxic things that can happen to hamper brain health. Exercise helps reduce stress. The increase in physical activity increases the number of endorphins in the body. These chemicals help overcome pain and also add to the quality of sleep. There are different ways to help overcome stress in your life including yoga, deep breathing, meditation, and acupuncture. How to Select Right Exercises for Optimum Brain Health? Anything that you can easily indulge in and that can increase your heart rate. You can do aerobics to help improve your brain health, as it also enhances the functioning of damaged neurons. If convenient, morning is the best time for a workout. It helps you quickly overcome mental stresses and readies you to take on the challenges of the day. Try doing activities that involve cardiovascular exercises to help your heart pump more blood to your head. You may find it hard to get the motivation to go alone for training. In that case, you can have someone to be with you for the company. Do not try to start with hard exercises. Try to take baby steps and slowly increase your physical activity depending on how much your body can make.
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