Famous Football Players Coming to Pakistan


Many famous football players are coming to Pakistan. This year one of the UK’s biggest amateur football league ‘Leisure League’ came to Pakistan.

The Leisure League is making progress by establishing 5-man and 6-man teams in the country. These teams will play their matches in Pakistan too. Initially, the announcement of Ronaldinho coming to Pakistan excited football fans in the country.

After this announcement, Leisure League attracted many other big names in the game of football. The famous football players to come to Pakistan include Ronaldinho of Brazil, David James of England, George Boateng of Netherlands, Nicolas Anelka and Robert Pires of France. Robert Pires is the last to join the list of famous football players.

Famous Football Players Scheduled Match in Pakistan

The famous football players of international repute will have a match in July 2017. The COO of the group Leisure Leagues said that the football superstars would only play exhibition matches in Pakistan. Players from leagues of local clubs of Lahore, Islamabad, and Karachi will also take part in these exhibition games.

The COO of Leisure Leagues Mr. Ishaq Shah said that PSL Final 2 had set a stage for another sporting event in the country. He also stated that the coming of famous football players in Pakistan would improve country’s image.

Pakistan’s great batsman Javed Miandad will represent the matches as a brand ambassador. He said that Football is one of the most famous sports in the world. He used to follow the team of New Castle United. He stated that this game would eventually become famous in Pakistan.

Ronaldinho Confirmation of Visiting Pakistan

Famous-Football-Players-Coming-to-PakistanRonaldinho confirmed that he would visit Pakistan. The tweet also accompanied a video message for the fans.

Famous-Football-Players-Coming-to-PakistanInternational Sporting Events in Pakistan

The authorities in Pakistan are making every effort to bring international sporting events and celebrities to the country.

Earlier top international wrestlers came to Pakistan. These foreign wrestlers also visited the Senate to see the session in progress.

Similarly, the organizing of Pakistan Super League 2 Final in Pakistan was a big event. Many international cricketing stars participated in the big final held at Gaddafi Stadium, Lahore. The PSL 2 Final may return international cricket back to Pakistan.

The famous football players to Pakistan will promote the game in the country. In a country where a lot of people love cricket, it will help popularize the game of football in Pakistan.