Fidget Spinner and Its Ban in the UK Schools


The fidget spinner has taken the internet by storm. Everywhere, people are talking about it and the way to play with it.

So What Exactly Is A Fidget Spinner?

People who want to relieve their stress use fidget spinner. The design of the fidget spinner has a bearing at its center. The three sides of the spinner revolve around it. You can hold the toy between your thumb and middle finger to spin it.

Materials for Manufacturing Fidget Spinner

Fidget spinner manufacturers create them from different materials. The common choice of materials for this stress relieving tool include brass, plastic, titanium, plastic, copper, and stainless steel.

Is Fidget Cube and Fidget Spinner Same Thing?

Fidget Spinner and Its Ban in the UK SchoolsNo, do not mix fidget cube with fidget spinner. It spins around an axis at its center. Furthermore, a fidget cube has several buttons. Individuals who cannot rest their fingers or thumbs use fidget cube. They just want to fidget all the time. Therefore, the fidget cube, lets them satisfy their urge to fidget without any noise or disturbance. The promoters of fidget cube say that due to its use we can improve productivity and focus.

Why the Need to Develop?

The fidget spinner and similar toys were created to help refine motor skills of kids. These devices are for children with special education needs and autism. The next evolution in these toys has resulted in the creation of Office versions as well. Many office workers who used to bite their nails now use the fidget spinner to relieve stress.

The Anti-Fidget Spinner Stance by British Schools

Many schools in the Great Britain think of these devices as a distraction and counterproductive to the learning environment. Therefore, the schools are warning to confiscate any fidgety toys found.

However, some parents with children having learning difficulties find this ban abysmal. They think that if all the children had fidget spinning toys, no child would have to answer to others. Now, the children with autism and other difficulties, using fidget spinner will have to answer other kids why they are using it.

As a result, the use of fidget spinners is not limited to the office workers and children. Some musicians are finding these toys useful for improving their motor skills. Therefore, retailers are already churning out a lot of these fidget toys to sell on a large scale.

Furthermore, there are many videos by fidget spinner enthusiasts spinning it at great speeds. Consequently, some of them can be seen throwing these spinning fidgets onto Champaign glasses, into water, and at other things. Hence, the metal fidget spinning toys can be dangerous. Therefore, you must advise caution to your children who love to play these toys.