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Pakistani Origin Candidates Contesting Elections in the UK

Around 30 Pakistani origin candidates will contest elections this June in the UK. Yet, the 30 Pakistani origin candidates belong to different political parties in the United Kingdom. Most of all, Labour Party has been generous with its tickets given to Pakistani origin candidates. Most noteworthy, majority of these candidates belong to the Labour Party.

Total Labour Party Pakistani Origin Candidates

There are around 14 Labour party Pakistani origin candidates contesting the election in the UK in 2017. The names of some of the Pakistanis contesting elections in 2017 on Labour Party ticket include the following.

Shabana Mahmood, Naseem Shah, Imran Hussain, Khalid Mahmood, Perry Bar, Yasmin Qureshi, Rosena Allin-Khan

Labor Democrats gave tickets to nine Pakistani origin candidates in the UK. Conservative Party currently in power gave party tickets to around six Pakistani background candidates. And one of the candidates belongs to the Scottish National Party.

London Has Most Number of Pakistani Origin Candidates

Pakistani Origin Candidates Contesting Elections in the UKAround seven of the Pakistani origin candidates are contesting elections from various constituencies in London. In conclusion, Labour party also gave tickets to women candidates for 41 percent of the seats. Around 50 of the candidates belong to different minority groups in the Great Britain.

Conservative party also gave 29 percent of the total seats’ party tickets to women candidates. Liberal Democrats and Scottish National Party gave 30 and 33 percent tickets to female candidates respectively. Out of these women candidates, 11 are of Pakistani descent.

Why Are Political Parties Giving Importance to Pakistani Origin Candidates?

Pakistani decent people live in a lot of the areas in the United Kingdom. Also, Bradford has the biggest population of Pakistanis in the UK. Since, some estimates suggest that every one of the five people in Bradford has a Pakistani origin.

However, the overall distribution of Pakistanis stands at around 2% in the United Kingdom. Furthermore, around 8 percent of these people were born in their native country.

Therefore, the fact of the matter is that London’s current Mayor Sadiq Khan also belongs to Pakistan. Consequently, there is also an increase in Pakistani people living in London.

Parties Participating in the UK Elections 2017

Consequently, several parties are contesting in the UK snap elections 2017. Hence, the names of the political parties include the following

  • Conservative Party
  • Labour Party
  • Scottish National Party
  • Liberal Democrats
  • Plaid Cymru
  • UK Independence Party
  • Green Party of England and Wales
  • Scottish Green Party

The two major parties that will compete for the majority in the parliament are Conservative Party and Labour Party. Especially relevant, you can read about Pakistani origin candidate Amna Ahmed contesting on a ticket from Liberal Democrat party.

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