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Independence Day Pakistan – Most Irritating Things Pakistanis Do on August 14

Pakistan is celebrating its 74th Independence Day this year. This means the citizens are going to relive the recollections of efforts made by the leaders of the country. Every year the country celebrates this day with events in the memory of those heroes whose goal was to form a land where Muslims could live freely and practice their religion without any unwanted interruptions. Independence Day Pakistan brings a lot of excitement among the Pakistanis regarding the celebrations. Although some people become overexcited and tend to perform activities that turn out to be troublesome for others. Such people often become a threat to their lives as well as put others in danger too. Also, many tend to do the most irritating things on Pakistan’s special day. 

Things Not to Do on Independence Day Pakistan 

Usually, people celebrate Independence Day in Pakistan by putting a huge flag on their roofs, they use smaller paper flags and paste everywhere near their houses. However, nowadays youngsters showcase their enthusiasm and patriotism towards the country by engaging in actions that can be dangerous to them as well as folks in the surrounding. They become noisy and tend to act like this is the normal and true way of rejoicing the country’s day of Independence. However, they forget how others are being affected by their unnecessary festivities.

Those who want to celebrate this important day in a way that doesn’t affect their fellow citizens in a bad way must take steer clear of following things.

Say No to One Wheeling 

Every year on August 14, Pakistan becomes a country with hundreds of road accident cases, which are an outcome of unnecessary one-wheeling. Not only do they risk their lives but also put others in danger too. A motorcycle is itself an unsafe vehicle since it isn’t designed to avoid any damage to the rider, on top of that, some daredevils think of themselves as the protagonists of Hollywood movies and perform extremely dangerous stunts that result in either injuries or deaths. Other than that, this is not an impressive way to express love for the country if people are playing with theirs as well as other innocents’ lives. 

Aerial Gunfire 

The excitement of men on Independence Day in Pakistan often turns out to be costly in terms of death and brutal injuries for innocent people. The reckless youngsters find aerial gunfire an essential thing to do on 14 August, which is highly immature and redundant. Over the past years, numerous cases were reported involving aerial firing that caused deaths of men women, and children. For instance, in 2015 while celebrating Independence Day in Karachi, people who were excitingly firing in the air unintentionally injured 11 including women and children, reportedly. The police took the culprits in custody and put a stop to their celebrations. 

This is something that people need to understand that Independence doesn’t mean harming others by being negligent and act immaturely.

Avoid the Noise Pollution 

Bike stunts are not the only thing that people should avoid to prevent accidents. Some bikers take off the silencers of their motorbikes to create loud engine sounds. This might seem something tempting to experience but it is extremely hazardous to those with sensitive ears. Without the silencers, the bikes become too much noisy a reason to torture others. The practice needs to be stopped as old people and children are the ones affected the most by this idiocy. 

Many children and teenagers usually buy handmade horns or hooters from the markets which when blown, creates a hideous noise. These noisy devices are no less than motorbikes without the mufflers, as it is deeply disturbing for those who can’t bear such a loud sound.  

Disrespecting the Flags

One of the most unethical things is people disrespecting the country’s identity while celebrating Independence Day. Many people buy little flags out of joy and excitement and when they are done with their so call merriments, they throw them away. Not only do they create a mess in the stress but also disrespect the flag. Every year, a great number of small flags are found rotting on the road, where vehicles run over them. Disgustingly, people also throw those flags in the dustbins and sewers too. Besides, this is not only an act of disgrace but also a wastage of money. People are technically throwing their money on the road by acting like this. 

Road Blocking 

Seeing people say Happy Independence Day sounds patriotic but some don’t find it as amusing as partying in the middle of the road. This is another trend that the Pakistanis have adopted. They block the roads, turn on loud music in their cars, dance, and enjoy their nighttime picnic. This not only causes intense roadblocks but also becomes problematic for those who live nearby and can’t stand the noise at all. This obnoxious celebration usually takes place before the day of Independence Day in Pakistan.

What Should People Do on 14 August

There are multiple things that people can do on Independence Day in Pakistan. Instead of being the reason for disturbing others, teenagers, men, and families can actually help the country evolve better. They can spend time in community services to help the old people, teach the kids, donate money for the poor, and distribute food to the needy. 

Spreading awareness to become responsible citizens is also a good practice to make Pakistan a proud country. The young generation can easily take part in many programs that can guide people on what is good or bad for the citizens. Planting more trees and nurturing the homeland would also be a good initiative to prosper Pakistan.   

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