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Who Is Doing Airstrikes On Riyadh With Missiles & Drones?

According to state-backed media, the Saudi Arabian defense system intercepted a possible airstrike targeted at the city of Riyadh. Several witnesses reported two loud explosions in the sky on Tuesday morning. Pictures and videos of the incident went viral on social media but nobody knew the cause instantly. There have been multiple airstrikes on Riyadh for the past few days with hostile air targets.

Saudi media confirmed that it was a ballistic missile and blamed it on the Houthi rebels of Yemen. Saudi authorities have claimed that there have been no casualties as the air defense system has been taking them out accordingly.

Speculation About Airstrikes On Riyadh

Houthis have been launching regular missile and drone attacks at various positions inside KSA. According to media reports, rebels have been doing it to retaliate against the military aggression they faced in March 2015.

KSA and its allies launched airstrikes against the Houthi rebels after they seized the capital in 2014 and forced the president to flee. They have been expanding their control in Yemen ever since. The Houthi rebels are alleged to be backed by Iran but they deny it.

Allies of KSA included the US, the UK, Pakistan, and Turkey under the operation named ‘Storm of Resolve’.

Saudi War On Yemen

This operation aims to defeat Houthis to restore power for its former Riyadh-backed regime. Houthis have been running the state without an effective government system in the country. Even after six years, this military coalition led by KSA is still battling Houthis and killing innocent civilians as well.

The rebels have been frequently attacking crucial Saudi infrastructures like oil facilities. They normally claim most of the airstrikes on Riyadh, but this time they denied the allegations. Furthermore, they have claimed that they only retaliate, not attack.

An Unusual Suspect

After Houthis denied responsibility for this attack, an unknown group called ‘Alwiya Alwaad Alhaq’ claimed it. The name roughly translates to ‘The True Promise Brigade’ but there is not much information available on them. US-based intelligence service SITE Intel Group reported that this group might be linked with Hezbollah, who allegedly applauded the airstrikes on Riyadh.

The Saudi invasion of Yemen obviously failed to achieve its goals. On the contrary, it killed tens of thousands of innocent Yemenis and destroyed the infrastructure, which needed development instead. After 6 years of continuous war, more than 20 million people in Yemen are suffering from malnutrition and hunger.

The United Nations (UN) has declared this situation as the world’s worst humanitarian crisis. The aggression never stopped even after the appeal of the global ceasefire due to COVID-19.

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