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Alibaba Officials Visit Pakistan Showing Interest in Ecommerce

Alibaba Group is a Chinese based business enterprise, considered as one of the biggest dot-com success stories emerging from China.

The Chairman of Alibaba Group met PM Nawaz Sharif on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum 2017. The Chairman showed his interest in investing in the e-commerce ecosystem of Pakistan.

Alibaba Officials Visit Pakistan to take things further

The Alibaba officials visit Pakistan to take the possibility of doing e-commerce in Pakistan to a step further. Jack Ma wants to start a new e-commerce platform for Pakistan.

Alibaba Officials Visit Pakistan, led by Max Bittner. The meeting took place in the country’s capital Islamabad. The members of the delegation shared the positive image they got from Pakistan during their stay in the country. They also recognized the work done by Pakistan so far towards the establishment of e-commerce in the country including other fields like telecom, IT, and broadband.

Ishaq Dar, the Finance Minister of PakistanIshaq Dar, the Finance Minister of Pakistan, led the Pakistani side for the meeting, sharing his optimism about the future of e-commerce in Pakistan. He also reiterated his firm commitment towards establishment and promotion of small businesses in Pakistan.

Here is what Ishaq Dar had to say about e-commerce growth in Pakistan.

“E-commerce has been doubling in size every year and is projected to surpass the US $ 1 billion in 2020. He also remarked that Pakistan has 3G, 4G technologies and more than 11% people are using mobile banking solutions for financial transactions.”

The Finance Minister also asserted Pakistan’s suitability for expansion of the e-commerce due to the availability of desired ICT infrastructure. has also learned from unconfirmed reports that Alibaba may be interested in acquiring If this rumor becomes true, Alibaba will own the largest e-commerce platform in Pakistan.

E-commerce Scene in Pakistan

Here are some of the key factors which favor electronic commerce in Pakistan.

  • Out of a population of around 192 million, there are around 34.3 million internet users.
  • There is a decent internet penetration rate of 17.8% within Pakistan.
  • The availability of faster internet connections of 3G and 4G enable more population to make online purchases faster.
  • The presence of several e-commerce websites has already familiarized the shoppers about the whole internet shopping experience.
  • A young population makes technology adoption a lot easier, a facilitating factor in embracing newer technologies.

Big e-commerce websites have successfully established Cash on Delivery (COD), a trusted method by customers to get the products right on their doorstep.

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