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Ayyan Ali Gets Sigh of Relief After Supreme Court Order

Ministry of Interior issued a letter, allowing the supermodel to leave the country. The government has informed all its departments and ministries to act as per the notification.Ayyan Ali, the famous supermodel, is finally allowed off the ECL list. The ministry of interior had to abide by the Supreme Court orders.

Charges of Money Laundering Against Ayyan Ali

Customs Officials arrested Supermodel Ayyan Ali on March 14th, 2015. Customs Officials accused Ayyan Ali of money laundering. Customs Department recovered $506,000 from her luggage. She was arrested at Islamabad’s Benazir Bhutto International Airport while leaving for Dubai.

Customs indicted Ayyan Ali in November 2015 for trying to smuggle $500,000. However, she did not plead guilty to the charges leveled against her.

Interesting Twist to Ayyan Ali Story in Mid 2016

Ayyan Ali CaseThere existed several controversies regarding the money laundering charges against Ayyan Ali. A Customs Official, Inspector Aijaz Chaudhry, was said to be investigating the money laundering case against the supermodel.

Unknown shooters intercepted Mr. Aijaz Chaudhry’s car in Qasimabad. The assailants shot multiple times at Mr. Chaudhry. Emergency services rushed Mr. Ijaz Chaudhry to Benazir Bhutto Hospital where he succumbed to his injuries.

The said SHO investigating the matter did not play an active role in investigating the case. Authorities registered a FIR against the SHO under section 324 of Pakistan Penal Code. The murder still perplexes many, connecting the killed Customs inspector with the supermodel money laundering case.

Verdict of Customs Officials on Murder of Ijaz Chaudhry

Custom Officer Ijaz ChaudharyThe Customs Officials reportedly denied claims of Ijaz Chaudhry involved in investigating Ayyan Ali for money laundering. They said that he was not even present at the time of the supermodel’s arrest and was in charge of a warehouse at Benazir Bhutto International Airport.

Police tried to endorse the claims of Customs Officials by saying that it appeared to be a clear case of targeted killing.

Money Laundering in Pakistan

Pakistan is a long way from perfection when it comes to its fight against money laundering. Last year Pakistan joined Open Government Partnership, an effort at the international level to empower citizens and ensure transparency. The initiative also aims to fight corruption and use new technologies for strengthening governance.

FBR has signed an OECD convention for reducing international tax evasion and also facilitating in simplifying complex business ownership structures. Unlike many of the developed nations around the world, Pakistan started work on money laundering pretty late. Pakistan first established its Anti-Money Laundering Ordinance back in 2007.

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