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Garden of life raw protein and greens review

Garden of life raw protein and greens is a product which can be dubbed as a veg’s delight and a powerhouse for non-veg. As the name indicates the food product includes the organic green vegetables and protein powder. It can be used as a replacement for a meal, as a post workout food or something¬†just to gain energy. While the package claims to have no GMOs and artificial flavors, the powder is not tasteless. In fact, it is capable of being a meal replacement as users can consume it with almond milk and juices.

Garden of Raw Protein and Greens Ingredients

A look at ingredients of Raw Protein and Greens by Garden of Life reveals that the product is the perfect food for a vegetarian. It contains all the energy packed greens and protein. But, labeling this organic food as a veg-delight would be wrong. Because bodybuilders and weight conscious people who want to get more energy by eating less can also benefit from this product.

A look at the ingredients reveals the organic nature of energy packed raw protein and greens by Garden of life.

The main ingredients include organic spinach, organic kale, organic alfalfa grass juice, organic broccoli, and organic carrot.

Apart from the main ingredients, the other contents of this protein pack include organic sprouted rice, peas, chia, garbanzo beans, and lentil beans. As per the package’s mention, all these items are organic. So, few of these ingredients can also help users get the benefits of high fiber food.

The formula also has probiotics and non-GMO enzymes. Therefore, it also helps maintain a healthy metabolism and a working digestive system. While all these ingredients are mentioned on the packages there is an ambiguity on whether there is an approval from FDA (Federal Drug Authority).

Anyways, the product has indeed succeeded in garnering the positive reviews.

Available Flavors of Raw Protein and Greens

It may seem that raw protein and greens, is a product exclusive to vegetarians and health-conscious users only. While the product is indeed healthy (not a remedy or medicine for disease), it is also good at satisfying the taste buds; this is because its ingredients also include Vanilla, cocoa, and other light sweeteners.

Garden of Raw Protein and Greens Review

As per reviews of the Raw Protein and Greens, the product is favorite among users for it offers a flexibility of taste and use. First of all, it is available in various flavors. Secondly, it is capable of producing the perfect blend of protein powder and various shakes like almond milk etc. Non-vegetarians who consume this food as an energy resource obtained from organic vegetables use raw proteins and greens for making smoothies. While reviews prove that people have been consuming this as an energy booster or as a post-workout shake it is not sure where this is a superfood that can be of instant help to the bodybuilders.

An Alternate Meal

Further, what is more, common in several reviews of the Raw protein and greens is that many people have been using it as an alternate meal, particularly in lunch. They have been trying its variants with almond milk, peanut butter, and other such healthy food items. So, one can check if this food can become an ingredient of healthy breakfast recipes that people use for weight management.

But, those who want to increase the intake of healthy organic food can go for raw protein and greens.

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