Essential Ingredients of a High Performing Team


It is one thing to find the most talented people for your company. However, it takes a concerted effort to transform those bunch of individuals into a high performing team. The person responsible for making a high performing team must understand how each individual will contribute to it.

High Performing Team

Here are the essentials that make a high performing team.

Integrity and Accountability

Integrity is one of the most essential elements in a high performing team. It means that everyone is honest to the team. There is accountability across the board. The same principles of judging performance apply to everyone.

A need for trust between the members must exist. The trust should be between all the members regardless of their education, background, talent, or levels of success accomplished. It is not possible to deliver great performance without integrity and accountability. It also means self-initiative, and a drive to do your best even when nobody is watching you.

A Positive Attitude towards Learning

It is important for everyone to have a positive attitude towards learning. They should learn from each other and share their knowledge. In all the great teams, every individual has something unique about their background.

They may add to a context that no one else has thought through. Therefore, when you are part of a group working together, everyone must learn from each other. It means sharing knowledge without reservations. To keep the end goal of team’s overall success in context regardless of anything else.


Commitment is an important part of a high performing team. It means being sincere to the team as well as the organization. Every team member must be loyal to each other and the company. This type of loyalty can only be instilled when the leadership at the top gives due importance to each team member.

Everyone knows the values that they can bring to the team including their strengths and skills. Thus, they are able to determine how they can make effective contribution to the organization’s overall success.

Open to Positive Feedback and Criticism

Feedback is important for a high performing team. No group of people working together can improve without listening to each other. Therefore, each member must learn to take the feedback in a positive manner.

Similarly, every person giving feedback must criticize an action and not the person. Feedback only becomes negative when the criticism is directed against a person and not the process. Unless the process is streamlined, the problem will persist.

Respect for Each Team Member

There has to be a mutual respect among all team members. If a person is not respected for any reason, they will not be able to share their thoughts, opinions and knowledge with others freely. They would also remain under the fear of being criticized.

It is important that the leadership of the organization instills a culture of mutual respect. Thus, when each member can have their say without any reservations, the team will develop its subject matter experts. It would be able to openly discuss problems and solve them in an efficient manner.

Team skills are important in today’s world. Recruiters nowadays often ask in job interview if you are a team member or not. Therefore, you must always say that you are a team member and keep these tips in your mind.