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Which Are the Top Paying Engineering Jobs in 2018

There are two facts about engineering that everyone knows. Engineering jobs pay the most and engineering jokes make the funniest social media memes. Ironically, both these facts often contradict each other as engineers don’t seem to be a happy creature, at least this is what the favorite comics about them reveal: they are either jobless or have to work tirelessly to meet the demands of their profession. Well, the issue of not finding a job is not always due to lack of demand but relates to the economic conditions of the countries too. Therefore, it is safe for potential candidates to look for top paying engineering jobs, as there are plenty of them.

Top Paying Engineering Jobs in 2018

The basic task of engineers irrespective of their specialty is to innovate, build, create and develop the things. From inventing machines, designing buildings and developing infrastructure to writing the smartphone apps, engineers contribute much to the world, driving a massive demand for this profession.

Here are the top paying engineering Jobs in 2018 for those who want to make a fortune by working in this field.

  1. Petroleum Engineering

Energy is crucial for industrial production and overall growth of the economy. It is 2018 and companies are investing in solar power plants. But, still, there is a massive demand for petroleum energy resources as world’s economy is dependent upon them. Hence, many companies around the globe need petroleum engineers who help in discovering fossil fuels and extracting petroleum products through various metallurgical processes. Successful petroleum engineers can make money in hundreds of thousands of dollars.

  1. Software Engineers

One doesn’t need stats, insights, and analytics to know how much the profession of software engineering is in demand. The popularity of various fitness apps and to-do list apps is enough to tell how much people love running things on tap of the fingers and this very fact makes a definite case for software engineers. Software engineers, whether programmers, web developers or network securities experts can make money by leveraging their skills. After all, this is the time when many businesses are going digital, and they need relevant talent to maintain an online presence.

  1. Computer Engineering

Here come another lucrative and one of the top paying engineering jobs. Very often people think that computer engineering and software engineering are the same. Despite being the highest paying engineering jobs, they are much different from each other. Computer engineering, in fact, utilizes knowledge of electrical engineering, print board circuit assembly, and understanding about working on chipsets. Since, computers, tablets, smartphones and other such tech-products are in demand, there is a vast scope of computer engineering, particularly in robotics when analysts are heralding the happening of singularity very soon.

  1. Aerospace Engineering

The world in 2018 is looking to step on Mars, driving the demand for aerospace vehicles. Hence there is the need for Aerospace engineers who can help in development and maintenance of aircraft and space crafts. Aerospace engineers usually work in the field of avionics, aerodynamics, and propulsions. Further, the latest innovations by the world famous entrepreneurs like the launch of Elon Musk’s Falcon Heavy is proving how the corporate giants are interested in launching aero-space projects. So, there is no lack of demand for aerospace engineers who can earn tens of thousands of dollars in salary every month.

  1. Electrical Engineering

We have already discussed the scope of this field as one of the top paying engineering jobs in computer and hardware engineering section, but that was one type. Broadly the electrical engineering has a vast scope in every field because robots, machines, gadgets, and devices that use the complex electric circuits need services of these engineers. Even civil engineers and architects also require the consultation of electrical engineers to build the electronic circuits in the buildings. Electrical engineers can earn more than $ 90, 000 salaries a year depending upon their expertise.

  1. Biomedical engineering

This field connects the engineering and biological sciences. In fact, it utilizes the engineering processes to create the machinery and tools that can diagnose human conditions. In one way genetic engineering which is gaining popularity around the globe is also the type of biomedical engineering. This field has made to the list of top paying engineering jobs as a biomedical engineer can earn up to $80,000 a year.

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