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Jose Mourinho Learned to Take FA Cup Seriously

The Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho said that he learned a great deal by throwing away FA Cup in the past. Jose Mourinho stated that he would not repeat the same mistake in the future when going into fifth round at Blackburn Rovers and he will take FA cup seriously this time.

Manchester United will be playing against Championship side Ewood Park at 16:15 GMT.

The year 2005 did not typically turn out good for Manchester United. Jose Mourinho said that at that time he focused too much on winning the League Final against big football clubs.

He was of the view that he made the mistake of gambling too much on Liverpool and Barcelona. He said that on one side the club did great by winning against Liverpool and Barcelona. But the feeling he had inside him of throwing away the FA Cup made him uneasy about the whole thing.

Jose Mourinho said that the team had to perform better instead of just throwing away the game. It had to play its best and give everything it could to try and win the game.

Jose Mourinho will be having a very busy season with the Europa League and EFL Cup Final against Southampton.

Mourinho said that he was going to Blackburn with respect. He would make sure that with a few changes the best team from Manchester United plays the opposition. He also added that it was important for Manchester United to play each game with seriousness.

Learn from Upsets and Take FA Cup Seriously

This year’s English Premier League has been full of surprises. Liverpool was one of the highest placed Premier League sides, and second-tier Wolves beat it in the fourth round.

Jose Mourinho first arrived at Chelsea back in 2004 – 05 season. Jose said that foreign coaches would take the time to understand the culture of the FA Cup as their English counterparts do to become successful. He openly expressed his appreciation for the lower league teams saying they were getting better. The teams should rest some players at times. And yet there have to be times, he said, where clubs had to give a chance to other players.

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