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Journalism Student Ghazala Ahmad Refused Job in India for Wearing Hijab

A 24 years old mass communication student Ghazala Ahmad got rejected in an interview by the employee because she refused to take off her hijab in order to get the job. Her Hijab (a scarf that Muslim women wrap around the head) became a discrimination factor in Hindu majority so-called secular India. She got turned down by an Indian media channel because of the fact that she couldn’t abandon her Islamic personality.

Ghazala Ahmad Becoming Victim of Islamophobia in India

The reports about Ghazala Ahmad not getting a job merely on the basis of her religious identity has debunked how Islamophobia is deeply rooted in Indian society. The victim is a final year student of mass communication at Aligarh Muslim University who applied for a job at an India media channel but she didn’t get it. The reason behind her rejection was her Islamic getup apparent from her wearing of Hijab. At first, the interviewee congratulated her on her selection but then she was rejected as soon as she told the person on the phone that she used to wear a hijab and it was not possible for her to remove it. So the respondent told her that it was not possible for her to proceed with the application on the basis of religious grounds.

Criticism on India for Being So-Called Secular

It is not for the first time that India has proved itself being so-called secular country. Muslims continue to be citizens of lessor stature in the State. Growing discrimination of the Muslims has lead critics question if India really believes in secular ethos?

According to this ordeal, Ghazal became the victim of ISLAMOPHOBIA when she was asked to leave her Islamic essence i.e. her HIJAB In order to get the job. There is an obvious question that is required to be asked: “how does a piece of cloth can become a hurdle in one’s career”? Even if clothes represent a person’s religious background, they don’t impact on a person’s abilities to fulfill his/her duties related to a job.

The Crisis Indian Muslims Are Facing?

There are a number of cases aside from Ghazala Ahmad’s experience that are a by-product of Islamophobia. People have been denied, rejected, and got discouraged in India due to their association with Islam. The hate and discrimination have taken the form of a plague that is lethal against Muslims’ survival in India. Further the citizenship amendment bill has pushed India to a Hindu nationalist country making it difficult for Muslims to remain the citizen of India.

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