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Moeen Ali Goes Viral for Rating Karachi Food Higher Than Lahore

Social media has been going wild after England’s captain Moeen Ali said that he found Karachi food better than Lahore. The all-rounder appeared in a press conference after England defeated Pakistan 4-3 in a 7-match series. It was England’s 1st tour to Pakistan since 2005. It was an exciting run with many memorable moments for Pakistani cricketer lovers, including this video clip. When asked about the food, Moeen said he was a little bit disappointed by Lahore, but Karachi was nice.

Karachi Food vs Lahore Food – Debate Renewed

The statement expanded the rift between 2 cities, with Karachiites flexing their muscles and Lahoris spontaneously combusting. Nonetheless, many believed that a neutral foreigner’s opinion on the food from both cities should settle the debate once and for all.

Lahore’s Food is Overrated

During a heated debate on social media, many Lahoris tried to save thier grace by suggesting popular dhabbas (streetside restaurants). Others claimed Moeen probably would not have eaten at a good place as they continued to assert that Lahore’s food was better. However, some Lahoris agreed with the cricketer. Even without trying Karachi’s food, they were able to confess that Lahori food was overrated and did not match its hype. They formed this opinion because most joints sell oily food, and only a few selective places serve quality and healthy food.

Is it Divide and Rule All over Again?

The verbal animosity between Karachi and Lahore residents was nothing short of a reality TV show. It looks like the argument was entertaining for the international audience as well. Indian cricket presenter and stand-up comedian Vikram Sathaye joked that Pakistan may have fallen victim to another divisive strategy hatched by the Englishmen. It took just one statement from Moeen Ali to pit Lahore and Karachi against each other to argue over which city had the best food.

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