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Social Media Sensation Momin Saqib Interacts with Virat Kohli on Asia Cup 2022

The recent Pak vs India match in the Asia Cup 2022 has turned out to be extra interesting for cricket fans. India won against Pakistan by five wickets. The game wasn’t the only thing that caught the public’s attention. Momin Saqib, who became famous overnight due to his “maro mjhe” viral reaction after India’s victory against Pakistan in the ICC world cup in 2019, met former captain Virat Kohli. He had a small chat with Kohli in the native Punjabi language. The exciting part is that the video is spreading on platforms like fire.

Virat’s Chat with Momin Saqib

Momin Saqib met the cricketer right after the match. He congratulated the Indian team and Kohli for the victory and good performance. The influencer talked to him in Native Punjabi and said this was a sad day for him as a Pakistani since the country didn’t win. But he hoped to see both teams in the final again. Virat Kohli responded by saying this is something that goes on, and good to see you.

Saqib Captioned the video “a great sportsman and humble person, good to see him back in form. A great game. Shall see you again.”

Praises for Kohli

The chat between Momin Saqib and Virat Kohli sparked a new level of respect in public for the former captain. He was back in the game after more than 30 days break. He played a somewhat competitive match against Pakistan and scored 35 runs. People praised him for his comeback and his excellent sportsmanship on the field. Other than that, his chat turned out to be cheerful for both Pakistani and Indian fans.

Next Match Between Pakistan and India

Pakistan and India have been seen as rivals and friends on the field, but the heat between them while playing cricket is indescribable. Every match brings intensity, especially among the fans from both sides. They flood the internet with funny India vs Pakistan memes, like in 2021 when India lost the T20 world cup match to Pak. Today, many Pakistanis wonder about what Momin Saqib said while talking to Virat Kohli. When will the rivals meet for another match?

India has to play against Hong Kong before reaching the Super Fours. This is where both could meet and greet each other again.

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