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Mubasher Lucman Talking to Israeli TV Brings Pak-Israel Ties to Limelight

Discussion regarding Pakistan normalizing its relation with Israel has again resurged on social media after an interview of Pakistani video anchor Mubasher Lucman on Israeli TV channel went viral. Apparently, an unnamed country pressurized Pakistan to normalize ties with Israel. After Egypt and Jordan, more Arab nations are joining UAE in enjoying normal ties with Israel.

These discussions have happened few times before as well. Some Pakistani pro-government journalists and few citizens suggested to do the same when UAE normalized its diplomatic and trade relations with Israel. Even before that, a controversy about Israeli plane landing in Islamabad fueled similar discussions. People also argued that maybe Pakistani already has these ties with Israel and public is kept under dark to avoid uprising.

Mubasher Lucman’s interview received mixed response from the citizens of Pakistan. There were those who were interested in beginning diplomatic relations with Israel like many other Muslim countries have done. Others strongly opposed the anchor for even considering such endeavor with a state that is widely accused for illegally occupying Palestinian land.

Mubasher Lucman Discusses Possible Ties Between Israel And Pakistan


In what appeared to an interview with an Israeli Tv channel, Lucman expressed a desire for Pakistan to meet Israel. He described Pakistan as an unstable country scorched by weak and challenging conditions. He said this is why Pakistani officials are working together to bring Israel and Pakistan close. He added that people of both countries are ill-informed about the matter and need to be educated properly about each other. The video contained a banner that said Pakistan refused to mention the country which was pressurizing Pakistan to accept Israel.

While the two countries do not talk publically, there are whispers of them having meetings behind the scene. Lucman discussed this in one of his interviews with ex-Foreign Minister, Khursheed Mehmood Kasuri in August 2020. Kasuri confirmed that secret meetings have been happing between Tel Aviv and Islamabad with the inclusion of the Pakistani military.

The purpose of these meetings have been to promote peace between two parties. It is not clear whether Pakistan raised its voice for the plight of Palestinians by the hands of Israel. World-wide protests have been raging against Israel for gradually taking over parts of Palestine to establish their state

Does Some Kind Of Relationship Already Exist?

There are several reports stating that Pakistani officials considered possibility of recognizing Israel long ago. Ex-military dictator President, General Pervez Musharraf was also in company with Kasuri while talking with Israeli officials. Kasuri shook hands with then Israeli foreign minister Sylvan Shalom and caused mayhem in the Muslim world. Shalom resigned in 2015 after allegations of sexual harassment.

Avi Schraf who tweeted about the Israeli plane leaving for Islamabad in 2018, released another map view of a Pakistani Bombarder leaving from the edge of Jordan towards South East.

The plane appeared to be close to where the secret meeting between US, Israel, and KSA was reported. However, later when the news got leaked, Saudi officials denied it and said only US and KSA officials were present and Israelis were not there. However, it is still unknown what was Pakistani Bombarder doing over there.

What Does Public Think About Normalization Between Pakistan And Israel?

One major part of Pakistan’s ideology was to never accept Israel as a legitimate state unless it restores Palestinian autonomy. For this reason, Pakistanis have shamed Mubasher Lucman and his stance for recognizing Israel.


Pakistan recognizing Israel has been predicted by many experts in the past. The prediction was based on the same rumors of both countries meeting each other secretly. Perhaps the time is near, which is why Lucman talked about starting to educate people with a certain narrative.

Pro-government journalist, Kamran Khan aggressively pushed the idea of revising the foreign policy of Pakistan regarding Israel. He quoted those who accepted normal ties with Israel and said nations should consider their interest-only rather than confusing between whose enemy and whose friend.

Different people have different opinions about which country has been pressurizing Pakistan. However, some analysts reckon that KSA and UAE will soon do that as Pakistan was very vocal about the Kashmir issue. If Pakistan wants other countries to take the Kashmir issue seriously, they might have to follow them in recognizing Israel.

Some reporters said with confirmation that it was definitely KSA who pressurized Pakistan. They opined that military establishment of Pakistan wants normal ties between both countries after which PM Imran Khan would become the punching bag for Pakistani citizens 

The normalization talks are happening in such a way that can easily attract anyone to buy the narrative. The plight of Palestine is being sidelined under an umbrella of the word “peace” to present this move as progressive. It has a great potential to shape public opinion which disregards the principles on which Pakistan’s foundation is based.

Some are sarcastic due to the reason that Pakistan mostly discriminates its minorities based on religion so how will it bring itself to accept a state like Israel?

Sarcasm became brutal when citizens highlighted how their country depends on foreign aid for doing everything. Is Israel another donor for Pakistan?

Whether Pakistan accepts Israel for financial, diplomatic, or any other secret operation, one fact will remain the same: it will render its very ideology useless. Pakistan made an independent decision when it refused to recognize Israel, there was no pressure. So question arises that why would Pakistan give in to pressure now just because few Arab nations recognized Israel

How Many Countries Have Recognized Israel

Normalization of ties between the Arab world and Israel has been made possible by US Department of State’s Abraham Accords. It is a joint statement between US, UAE, and Israel signed on 13th August 2020. The purpose of this statement was to promote peace between the three Arbrahmic religions; Islam, Christianity, and Judaism.

As soon as UAE signed a peace deal with Israel, number of Arab nations were motivated to do the same. Currently, Sudan and Bahrain have joined the growing list of countries under Abraham Accords.

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