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Rohingya Refugee Crisis Puts Myanmar Under Pressure

Myanmar is facing a mounting pressure on the Rohingya refugee crisis. The Indian PM, Narendra Modi did show his concerns over the increase in violence in Myanmar. However, he did not specifically mention the genocide of Rohingya Muslims.

Bangladesh Asks India to Put Pressure on Myanmar on Rohingya Refugee Crisis

In an unprecedented move, Bangladeshi leadership has asked India to put pressure on Myanmar to resolve the Rohingya refugee crisis. Furthermore, India was asked to take steps which would bring stability and peace to the region. Bangladesh also wants India to not allow Rohingya Muslims to cross over into Bangladesh.

India’s Response to the Bangladesh

New Delhi, in response, has urged Myanmar to handle the situation with maturity and restraint. Furthermore, the statement added that the state must take the welfare of its population into account. India has also asked authorities in Myanmar to return the Rakhine region to a state of normalcy to end violence.

Bangladesh Struggling with Rohingya Refugee Crisis

The Bangladesh High Commission, Syed Muazzem Ali has met with Indian Foreign Secretary S Jaishankar to explain his country’s position. He went to India on the instructions of the Bangladeshi Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

The Rohingya refugee crisis is directly impacting the Bangladeshi economy. The senior officials in the government say that they do not have enough land to accommodate the refugees or provide shelter to them. Furthermore, Bangladesh wants the international community to exert more pressure on Myanmar to stop the flow of the refugees.

Setup A “Safe Zone” in Myanmar

Bangladesh has urged Red Cross, the UN, and Germany to set up a safe zone within Myanmar. Furthermore, they want the international humanitarian bodies to provide Rohingya Muslims with shelter, food, safety, and security. The country is already overflowing with the number of refugees exceeding 164,000.

Stark Difference Between PM’s Stance and Official Statement

When PM Narendra Modi met Aung San Suu Kyi, he was all praise for her bravery and leadership capabilities. He stated that due to these qualities she had contributed towards achieving progress in the peace process. Furthermore, Modi had also said that he hoped all stakeholders would work together towards peace while maintaining Myanmar’s territorial integrity.

On the contrary, the spokesperson for the Indian Ministry of External Affairs showed a different position of India on Rohingya refugee crisis. He said that India was deeply concerned about the situation in Rakhine. Furthermore, he added that India strongly condemned the terrorist attacks on the country’s security forces.

UN Secretary General’s Warning

Rohingya Refugee Crisis Puts Myanmar Under PressureThe UN Secretary General, Antonio Guterres has warned that the Rohingya refugee crisis may result in regional destabilization and ethnic cleansing. Furthermore, he wrote a letter to the UN Security Council, expressing his concerns that the Myanmar refugee crisis could potentially turn into a humanitarian catastrophe.

Myanmar’s Verdict on Rohingya Muslim Crisis

The authorities state that the militants are responsible for the unrest in Rakhine. Furthermore, the officials maintain that these militants have burned homes and caused civilian deaths. The refugees leaving Rakhine say that the army is forcing them out of their homes by running a campaign of killings and arsons.

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