Thursday, December 7, 2023
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Smog in Lahore – Take These Precautionary Measures

The smog in Lahore continues to pollute the provincial capital. The residents are already facing a lot of health-related problems. The phenomenon is not only impacting the city but also outside it, including the main highways like motorway and GT road.

What is this Smog in Lahore?

Many people are confusing it with the winter, but that is not the case. It is different from the routine fog.

There is a significant difference between elements that make it. It is a mix of the smoke and the fog that makes it suspended in the air. The air pollutants in it are harmful to your health.

Protection Against Smog in Lahore

Here are some precautionary measures to protect yourself against the smog in Lahore and other parts of the country.

Smog in Lahore - Take These Precautionary MeasuresLimit Your Outdoor Activities

Make sure that you limit your outdoor activities unless it is essential. Only go out if you have to address some urgent matter. Also, keep your windows and doors closed so that your home’s inner air quality does not get impacted. Avoid traveling in this weather due to lower visibility. Only go outside if it is necessary and try using public transport instead of driving yourself.

Use a Mask

You can buy a mask from any pharmacy store. Mask helps you filter out the harmful particles that can make you sick. WHO estimates around 6 million people die each year due to the poor air quality. Therefore, it is essential that we take this warning seriously and use the mask in such a polluted environment. By wearing a face mask, you will be able to reduce your exposure to the poor quality air significantly.

Reduce Smoking if Possible

Smog is already proving to have a lot of toxic particles in it. Each time we are breathing, they are damaging our health. Therefore, if you smoke, try to reduce the frequency. Since, you are already inhaling a lot of smoke, try to reduce the intake. By following this tip, you will be able to protect your lungs and avoid unnecessarily increasing intake of harmful smoke particles.

Remain Clean

It can impact you with the harmful bacteria held in the air. Therefore, whenever you go outside, as soon as you come back, make sure that you clean your face, hands, and any other body part exposed to it. Make sure that you are using an anti-bacterial soap so that it cleans any germs that can cause any disease or infection. If you remain clean, it will help you reduce the chances of getting sick due to the smog in Lahore.

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