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This Viral Cake Decorating Video Can Ruin Baking For You

New cake decorating video which is going viral on social media has shown some real-life objects like cakes and it seems hard to believe them at first sight.

Remember when cakes used to be a sweet delicacy meant for satiating taste buds? But now they seem a test for craftsmanship rather than baking skills.

Viral video shows how the baking process is painstaking and requires some kind of 3D models printed on top of the cakes.

Viral Cake Decorating Video on Twitter

This exquisite level of artistry might make it impossible to actually eat the cake. One cannot simply make it disappear in their stomach after blending engineering and baking skills perfectly. This video may also work as a sweet inspiration for bakers who are interested in some adventure. They will probably have to bake a cake in the desired shape and get it printed. 3D printing is often used for such designs on cakes.

Who Made These Cake?

These cakes are made by none other than Tuba Geckil, who is one of the best cake artists in the world. The Turkish artist creates hyper-realistic cakes and shares them on Instagram with the name Red Rose Cakes. Her edible masterworks have earned many accolades across the world. She also gives lectures and classes to aspiring bakers. Also, check out these useful methods to make homemade ice cream and ice cream cakes.

She also has a YouTube page where she regularly uploads new videos of baking marvels. Here is how Tuba made Elsa lookalike cake from Disney’s Frozen series. Kids would absolutely love this one. 

Reactions from the Social Media Users

Most of the viewers appear astonished after watching a video that is unusual for the masses. It is relatively unique artistry that might be eluded from the public with less creative sense.

This idea can be implemented in a lot of celebrations but what about prank for a change? Someone suggested visiting friends on April fool’s day to hide their bare necessities and replace them a sweet replica.

There was one who tried everything but failed to cut the products to reveal a delicious surprise. He tried to ask anyone to help him understand how it’s done.

Many people reacted at this craftsmanship but this Dog’s reaction is priceless. Some insensitive baker chopped off the face of a dog-shaped cake in front of a Dog; well such videos keep on emerging on the scene to entertain people.

Most may not understand the language but humor has only language. The video is giving the impression that everything is a cake

This one ended the debate of glass half full vs half empty by cutting it in half.

Someone took the toilet roll cake idea to another level which can be funny and disgusting at the same time. They added several emoji version of feces and decorated it around the toilet paper cake. Unfortunately, all of these pieces are edible.

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