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Is Akshay Kumar Supporting War with Pakistan?

Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar has been receiving praise from hardline Indian nationalists for standing up to the controversial armed forces. He replied to actress Richa Chadha who was seemingly giving a shut-up call to an online troll. Kumar defended the troll’s tweet, which was promoting further animosity between India and Pakistan.

Akshay Kumar Responds to Richa Chadha

An Indian nationalist account on Twitter quoted a top Indian commander who was talking about “taking back PoK from Pakistan”. He said, “we were waiting for government orders and will complete the operation quickly”. He continued, “if Pakistan violated the ceasefire, then the answer would be different, even they cannot imagine”. It was a laughable statement since both countries were not in a state of war. Even more funny was this nationalist troll who reiterated the message to brag about the Indian army’s dominance over Pakistan. Chadha fired back and reminded the troll about what happened in The Galwan Valley in 2020. Kumar replied that he was “hurt” to see Chadha stating the facts. In response to the glorification of war, Chadha’s response indicated that it would only bring more deaths, like in the Galwan clash with Chinese forces. Yet, Kumar chose to side with a hate monger by giving an ultra-nationalist statement.

Richa Chadha Forced to Apologize

A befitting reply to a war seeker immediately became a national issue on Indian Twitter, as two celebrities were involved. Thousands of extremist Indians came after Chadha with pitchforks and torches, saying how dare she criticize an already controversial army. She deleted her comment and issued a public apology due to the dangerous backlash. Her statement read that she had no intention of hurting or offending anyone. The actress said she was sorry if those 3 words were being turned into a full-blown controversy of hurting sentiments. She also admitted that it would sadden her too if her words triggered the same feeling in her brothers in the army of which her grandfather had been an illustrious part. Chadha added that her grandfather was a Lieutenant Colonel who took a bullet in the leg during the Indo-China war in the 1960s. Her statement continued that her uncle was a paratrooper, and it was in her blood. In the end, she empathized with the soldiers, saying she knew about the feeling of losing a family member over a country, and It was an emotive issue for her.

Is She Receiving Death Threats?

Unlike Akshay Kumar, some Indians are actually intelligent enough to support her. She shared a cryptic tweet that worried many of her supporters about her safety. As per her tweet, she was receiving calls from unknown sources. Supporters hope that it was probably a result of some fragile egos being hurt.

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