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But Why Asia Masih’s Husband Is Asking Help From President Trump?

We all know that the Pakistani, Christian woman named Asia Masih was in jail just because she was not only accused of saying some unethical words against Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) but she also accepted her fault before. But now remarked as guilty from 2 courts she just refused these allegations in supreme court, and then supreme court of Pakistan gave her the clean check as well. Still, Asia Masih’s Husband has requested help from US and Canada for some reasons!

The Reason behind the Appeal by Asia Masih’s Husband

There is no valid reason why Asia Bibi’s husband is looking forward for attaining UK’s help in providing them with asylum and citizenship. But the question here is that Pakistani government has done it’s best for protecting Asia Bibi’s family in all ways then what made Asia Masih’s husband, Ashiq Masih so terribly scared of living in Pakistan that he is requesting space in UK and US?

Twitter On Fire!

Our whole nation is fighting for Asia and her family but still, there is not even a single word of regard from the International public. But when Asia Masih’s husband requested asylum all the anti-Islamic forces came together and started accusing Muslims.

And then Indians never saw the time and place and starts doing propaganda against Muslims and especially Pakistan.


Jemima Goldsmith is also in the favor of Asia Bibi and she speculated a false image of Naya Pakistan, even though all the ministers and the logical people even the judicial system supported Asia Masih! Well, Jemima’s statement is also very disappointing!

All Hate And Criticism but not even a single word of appreciation!

We all know that the topic of religion is the most sensitive one. People use it to gain fame sometimes and sometimes they are being trapped in some kind of allegation which are of course not at all true.

But when she was given a second chance by the man who himself is a Muslim, though she was found guilty before then she denied the allegations and the verdicts. There is not even a single word of appreciation in any tweet by the international public. Which would have reported that even though many people are against Asia Masih but still many are also favoring her for some cause!

What’s The Point OF Verdict By Supreme court

There was no point of all this favor when at the end Asia Masih’s husband is asking help from UK and US rather than the government of the state they are living in for decades! This means that he always wanted the help of UK and US rather than the government of Pakistan. Single video if this guy served as the poison for the image of Pakistan globally! I think this manipulation should end now and we need to see the positive side of Pakistan as well where many people got killed due to Asia Bibi’s blasphemy case, but no one will talk about that. Just because Asiya Masih is Christian that doesn’t mean that her life has more worth than other humans.

Many Muslims were also called terrorist and they were killed and harassed after 9/11 still we never interrupted in the matters of US and UK. Now we expect the same wise decision from both states as Pakistan’s government knows how to keep Asia and her family safe and secure because she is the citizen of Pakistan.

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