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Blockchain Development Skills to Master

Blockchain development skills are fast coming into demand because of the increase in the value of cryptocurrency bitcoin as well as the use of this technology by other industries.

Understand Technology Before You Have Blockchain Development Skills

Before you jump to the conclusion of having blockchain development skills, you must understand the technology behind it. The cryptocurrency relies on infrastructure technology involving mobile applications and software.

Unlike the beginning, the increase in the value of Bitcoin is resulting in the availability of more applications and tools. You must also know that blockchains source code is available like we have for open source software. You can adapt and reuse it according to your specific requirements. Exposure to GitHub will come in pretty useful so that you can understand and discuss the code that developers share.

Programming for Blockchain Development Skills

Most of the projects are developed in C++. Therefore, you need to have reliable background and concepts of this programming language.

You need to understand the underlying dynamics of the technology behind. Solidity, a language that somewhat resembles JavaScript can help you master blockchain development skills.

Similarly, the C# programming can help you know how the programming for blockchain works in this language.

You also need to learn about decentralized apps. You need to have platform knowledge requiring knowledge of JavaScript. Furthermore, your understanding of C++ would also come to your assistance.

Blockchain Development Skills to MasterFamiliarity with BaaS or Blockchain as a Service

If you think it will take you time to master the blockchain development skills, you can sign up for the services of the blockchain cloud providers. Two of the most commonly available options include Microsoft Azure Blockchain and IBM Blockchain.

When you subscribe to any of the blockchain cloud providers, it takes care of the complexities. This way, you can focus on mastering the technology without having to develop the necessary programming prowess.

Industries Potentially Employing IT Grads with Blockchain Development Skills

Here are some of the sectors where you can potentially find employment with these programming experience.

Gaming Industry

There are many virtual currencies used in the gaming industry. The use of blockchain will let gamers control their assets inside as well as outside the game.


The use of this technology may enable musicians in the future to better protect their music rights besides letting them connect with their fans.

Manufacturers and Distributors

The supply chain is one area where the use of this technology can ensure greater transparency. Thus, it may help in the future to quickly carry audits and verify inventory as well as accurately ascertain production costs.

Famous Blockchain Platforms

Two of the common in use blockchain platforms include bitcoin and ethereum. Most of the applications are built using one of these two. Some of the other less popular platforms also exist which may or may not be public.

At the time of writing this blog post, the price of Bitcoin is trading above $7,000. Therefore, it seems to have a bright future and these programming skills can become hotly in demand

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