Cab Hailing Company Introduces Uber Flying Taxi


Uber, the hailing cab service introduced the flying thing, so to make your commute easy. You don’t have to see science fiction movies to see them anymore. The company is working with NASA to make Uber flying taxi a possibility.

Uber Flying Taxi Testing

The company is aggressively pursuing its dream of getting Uber flying taxi airborne as soon as possible. It plans to test the Uber flying taxis in Los Angeles by 2020. Similarly, it will take the testing scheme to cities like Dubai and Dallas.

The Chief Product Officer of the company was speaking at a global web summit in Lisbon. He said that Uber had signed Space Act Agreement with National Aeronautics and Space Administration. The agreement will enable it to design a new air traffic control system. Thus, the new system will help manage the additional air traffic.

The Video of the Uber Flight

The video shows a woman who comes on the rooftop of a building and walks to the sky port. She is going to catch the Uber Air Flight. She uses her air cab-hailing app to check in and join three other passengers already seated. The machine takes off like that of a helicopter.

(Video Credit – Engadget Today YouTube Channel)

The initial plan suggests that a pilot will operate it. However, eventually, it will be self-driven without the need for a pilot. It will only happen once it can pass the national legislation requirements and safety standards.

Further Plans for Uber Flying Taxi

There are plans to branch out the service into aviation, letting customers pick them up with the use of Uber flying taxi. All they need to do is to tap their phone to get the service. The VTOL or Vertical Take-Off & Landing aircrafts will make it easy for the machine to maneuver through the metropolis thickened with skyscrapers and large building structures.

Regarding market access, the organization plans to start with those cities around the world with too much traffic. Thus, it will provide a new and perhaps quick way of avoiding traffic jams.

Cab Hailing Company Introduces Uber Flying TaxiA Bit About Uber Flying Taxis

The flying machines will be capable of reaching speeds of 200 miles per hour. Similarly, there are claims that they would be a lot quieter and safer with better affordability. Thus, they would also offer an environment-friendly way of going from one place to another. Since it will only be all-electric, therefore it would not have any negative impacts on the environment.

LA, Olympics and Uber Flying Taxi

Los Angeles will host the 2028 Olympics. Therefore, there are hopes that the new transport would be available by that time. Thus, it would help overcome the heavy traffic congestion and make the commute a lot more convenient. It seems company’s takeover by new CEO has perhaps accelerated its approach to working with new service ideas.