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Things Pakistani Working Women Experience at Workplace

Women all over the world face issues at their workplaces from wage-gap to harassment. But, for Pakistani women, these issues go way beyond. If luckily a girl’s family allows her to work, the society would do everything in its power to send her back home.

If you have been frequently told to make coffee at your workplace, you might want to read further.

Pakistani Working Women and Gender Pay Gap

If you are working with male colleagues, you might find out that they are earning more than you. And you’ll never find out the reason why. You might even be more qualified than them but, you should probably just be grateful for having a job.

Haye! Larki Job Karti Hai?

The conditions might be worse for you if your age is over 25. You probably will not get any Rishtas because you work with Na Mehrams. As Pakistani working women, you don’t qualify for a Rishta. It is almost out of question.

Tricky Work-Life Balance

If you are a married working woman, balancing professional and personal life will become challenging. You might think you and your husband should both work. So why are you compelled to do home chores? Well, it’s an unresolved mystery. You’ll have to dress up nice and hassle for the morning breakfast for your kids with some makeup.

Things Pakistani Working Women Experience at WorkplaceWorkplace Harassment Issues

It is one of the biggest and yet most neglected issues of Pakistani working women. You can’t raise a voice because that job is worth a lot more in your life than being a vocal Pakistani woman. If you complain, you’ll hear things from your family like “told you so”.

The Coffee Maker

Being a female worker making coffee at meetings or for your boss is an understood task. This might seem like a small issue but it speaks volumes about gender bias in the workplace. So whether you are a housewife or a successful professional, coffee will follow you everywhere.

Egoistic Colleagues

If you are a boss, your male coworkers wouldn’t oblige to your orders easily. If they are your colleagues, they will ignore your professional recommendations, consider them as childish, even if that is a million-dollar idea. Sometimes female colleagues will also make you a target of their ridicule.

But, kudos to Pakistani working women who are pursuing great careers and doing so well in the corporate world against all odds. These inspirational Pakistani women are aspiring others like them to go out in the field and realize their true potential.

Author – Fariha Bhatti

Fariha Bhatti is a passionate freelance writer who writes on various topics including problems faced by working women in Pakistan.

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