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Convert Any Surface into Touch Screen with Xperia Projector

Sony introduced its new Xperia projector at the last year’s Mobile World Congress. The new projector is named Xperia Touch.

The new Xperia projector does a lot more than a simple projector. The new projector converts any surface into a touchscreen. It lets you perform all the tasks as you do on a big mobile screen. The new device is Android 7.0 driven and expected to be shipped to the markets this summer.

The Actual Look and Design of New Xperia Projector

Actual Look of Soney Xperia ProjectorThe 5-inch new Xperia projector is shaped more like a toaster. The silver shell bodied projector has a control strip on top. This device contains several sensors including ambient light, GPS, temperature, barometer, humidity and human detection.

The Xperia Touch has a 13 MP camera and two-way stereo speakers. All these sensors and gadgets help turn any flat surface into a touch-sensitive surface just like a tablet. The device offers viewing area of up to 23 inches on a table, expandable to 80 inches.

SXRD Projection Display Technology

The projector touch display technology is empowered by infrared lights and real-time detection and built-in camera, working at 60 frames per second. The device lets the users make it available for different mobile apps, games, movies and other types of content.

A customized home screen by Sony displays calendar integration, virtual memo board, weather forecasts, and Skype portal to initiate a video chat. You can also use Xperia touch to play games on PlayStation 4. Sony Xperia Touch is priced at 1499 Euros when launched in Europe and Japan.

Beyond Just Image Expansion

Sony has come up with new technology, which is bound to change the way we interact with gadgets. Many companies in the past have showcased screen increases for improved viewing.

For example, Moto Z’s Instant-Share mode makes it easier for others to view your screen. The new technology by Sony lets you make others participate and interact with you. Only time will tell how businesses come up with industrial usages of Xperia Touch. But, you can well imagine, a company that uses larger screens to get employees’ input, could easily use the new Xperia projector. Besides all other advantages, it is super-portable and can be quickly set up at any place any time.

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