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5 Desi Fashion Trends of Fall 2020 For Women

Fall might not be a season for cool colors, but it surely is a time of the year to brag about the versatile looks. Usually, the go-to look for winter is a sweatshirt paired with jeans, a jacket or coat as upper, a scarf and neck and boots or sneakers. However, this doesn’t count as style particularly in Desi fashion where a majority has to follow the traditional outfits. Irrespective of the customs and traditions, there is always room for the versatility of style in any season.

Desi Fashion Trends in Clothing for Winter 2020

With a careful selection of colors, cuts and cultural incorporations desi fashion can have the best variations as evident from these trends that one can follow in the winter 2020.

1. Long A-Line Shirts with Flappers

Long shirts with wide hems paired with flappers were a trend almost 12 years back. Many Pakistani brands are now bringing this style back as apparent from their catalogs. Many models have been seen wearing this style of shalwar-qameez in their latest photoshoots. This Instagram post of Mahira Khan which is probably a shoot for a clothing brand is enough to give an insight into what this trend is all about. Women who are looking to don some floral prints with bold colors must consider this style which also goes well with the festive look.

2. Plain Dress with Shawl

Nothing can be a more simple and elegant choice than plain shalwar-qameez with a shawl of contrasting color in the winter season. Making such a dress is a hassle-free process and also goes well with everyone, irrespective of the comfort level. A mid-length shirt with trousers of the same color and a shawl in contrasting color is never going to be out from desi fashion for women at any time.

To add variations one can consider experimenting with different color contrats. As far as 2020 is concerned the best color contrasts include mustard color dress with black shawl paired with pumps.

3. Jacket with Skirt

The skirt doesn’t sound much desi. Also, it seems more of a summer and spring dress. However, pairing a skirt of a floral pattern with a sweatshirt topped with leather jackets and sneakers can really give a unique and trendy look. To make it more traditional one can add jhumkas, earrings or other such ornaments. The look seems perfect for some outdoor formal gathering on a cloudy winter afternoon.

4. Woolen Shirts with Embroidery

Woolen fabric is an important part of desi fashion in winter. However, it is the style to wear it that may differ. For the last couple of years, woolen kurtas with Kashmiri embroidery are going popular. This year is no different. Several brands are experimenting with Kashmiri embroidery for particularly the winter dresses of various fabrics. Well, it is the thread and motifs pattern on wool fabric that looks ravishing in winter, particularly for festivals like weddings.

5. Velvet Shawls with Heavy Embroidery

Velvet shawls with threat work are the best ever desi fashion choice in traditional wedding ceremonies. Velvet shawls, in colors like black, sea green, maroon, dark blue and mustard are the best investments in desi warrobes. Be, the weddings, farewell parties, bonfire, or trips to the hill stations, these shawls are here to compliment the look for each of the above mentioned occaison.

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