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Pictures of Dilip Kumar House in Peshawar Go Viral

Pakistani multimedia journalist, Shiraz Hassan shared 4 pictures of Dilip Kumar House in Peshawar. They triggered some fond memories in the actor which he shared on social media. The property has been in a run-down state. Reportedly, the KP government has decided to turn it into a museum.

The legendary actor was thankful to the Pakistani journalist and also requested all Pakistanis to share pictures if they had any

The History of Dilip Kumar House in Peshawar

He was born in this house as Mohammad Yusuf Khan on 11 December 1922. At that time, Peshawar was a part of British India before Pakistan was separated in 1947. Kumar spent eight years of his life in this house situated in Qissa Khawani Bazar. It is the same neighbor where another Bollywood legend, Raj Kapoor used to live. Reportedly, the KP government was also trying to acquire Kapoor’s house.

Kumar and his family moved to Mumbai sometime during the late 1930s. Kapoor followed and both future legends spent their teenage years in the same school. Kapoor died at the age of 64 in 1988.

After the partition of the sub-continent, Kumar visited Pakistan on two occasions. He was a huge apostle of peace between the parted regions. Which is why Pakistan has tremendous respect for the actor Dilip Kumar

KP Government Plans

Government officials in Peshawar said that they will buy and restore the dilapidated homes of Bollywood legends and turn them into a museum.

In 2014, the PML-N government led by Nawaz Sharif declared these houses as a national heritage site.

Kumar’s Sentiments About His House

The pictures of his house took him through a pleasant memory lane which he shared on social media.The legend remembered all family members who lived with him

He saw her mother again, in the same spacious kitchen where he would look at her for hours

The pictures also reminded him of a large sitting room where the entire family gathered for a cup of tea.

He also did not forget those horseback rides by his father and scary stories by his grandmother to stop him from wandering outside the house

He mentioned that his skills for telling stories that made him a huge legend started developing from the bustling bazar in Peshawar.

He said when the bazar was about to be closed, one man used to sit at the chowk and told awesome stories that had meaningful outcome
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