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Reports about Deaths of Gang Rape Victim in India Make Citizens Furious

Indian news reported a second gang-rape victim who died on the same day as the first. According to reports, a 22-year Dalit girl was abducted in Balrampur, Uttar Pradesh (UP) by 3 to 4 men who later gang raped her.

The victim’s mother alleged that she was drugged by rapists, her waist and legs were broken, and she felt a burning sensation in her stomach. The local health center was unable to treat her and advised the family to take her to a bigger hospital. The girl died on the way.

Indian Gang Rape Victim Was Also A Victim of Class Divide

India reports tens of thousands of rapes on yearly basis. Some of them turn out to be extremely disturbing like the recent 22-years-old Dalit girl. According to the traditional caste system in India, Dalit belongs to the lowest caste and often receive scornful and offensive treatment from majority members of upper castes. The community continues to suffer discrimination like other minorities in India

The First Incident

Two weeks ago another Dalit teenage girl died after a gang-rape in the same region (UP). The 19-year-old was savagely raped by 4 men on 14th September in Hathras, which is about 300 miles away from Balrampur. According to the reports, the girl’s family found her naked, bleeding, tongue split in half, and paralyzed with a broken spine outside their house. After battling serious injuries, she died on 29th September in a hospital. The family also complained that the police did not let them see her body before cremating her hastily. They were not allowed to take the body home.

According to the police the respective culprits have been arrested.

Uttar Pradesh Or Utter Rape-Desh?

Just two hours after the Balrampur incident, reports of 2 more gang-rapes came from Bulandshahr and Azamgarh (both also in UP). In Azamgarh, a 20-year old raped his 8-year-old neighbor who is currently under medical observation. The alleged rapist has been arrested. Whereas in Bulandshahr, a father alleged that his neighbor raped his teenage daughter. As per the latest update, the Police were still looking for the accused.

Severe Backlash On Social Media

Mass protests erupted after the heinous incident calling for several reforms. The excruciating pain of the death of the first gang-rape victim was still fresh when another girl died after gang rape in the same region. The death of a second Dalit girl on the same day has sparked nationwide outrage in India. However, the national media picked it up on 1st October after a heavy backlash on social media.

The furious responses from the Indian citizens show the level of instability in the world’s second-most populous country. Women raised concerns about their overall safety in a highly problematic society. Most of them were willing to abandon their country if India kept on abandoning law reforms.

UP has a terrible history of rape culture which was constantly highlighted by many users on social media. Some of them targetted the government led by Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP). They accused the government of enabling this savagery by destroying the entire constitutional machinery of India.

Citizens are in dilemma and do not know how to express any other feeling than rage. They have wondered if these heart-wrenching news had any effect on the government. Many Indians feel that the country is swiftly becoming unsafe for women.

According to several media reports, rape occurs in India every 15 minutes. Some of the incidents are never reported so it is possible that many citizens are not aware of the critical situation.

The sad history of UP can conclude that it is a failed society. Some folks pointed out that the citizens of UP actively clash over building Mosques and Temples while ignoring the more urgent structures like schools and colleges to educate the masses

No Support for Gang Rape Victim

CM of UP, Yogi Adityanath displayed problematic concern which the public condemned. They asked for his removal due to ridiculing women. He channeled an extreme level of patriarchy by saying women do not need independence. He implied that women must be accompanied by men all the time .

Some even wished that the CM should die along with those committing rape. Lack of support for victims (especially women) is the major flaw of patriarchal society. The officials and clergies continue to blame them for getting raped. Some of them also have the gall to oppose death penalty for rapists. Bollywood actor, Kangana Ranaut had opined that people who are against death penalty for rapists must be kept in prison.

Rape is initially not a governmental or legal problem, it stems from the same patriarchal system which gives power to men, even those who are not worthy of it. As the leaders, men have intoxicated the environment for many living beings including women. People argued that the majority of men require education and personal grooming to learn how to approach women. There is absolutely no way past consent.

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