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Thing Are Not Going Well For Trump At 70th NATO Summit

Leaders from all over the world gathered to attend the 70th NATO Summit in London to discuss their future action plans. During the meeting, a group of notable heads of states who are considered to be some of the closest allies of the US were allegedly heard mocking the Trump for his attitude and mannerism towards them.

Things Are Heating Up At T 70th NATO Summit

While being hosted as the Queen’s guest at Buckingham Palace at the 70th NATO summit, a group of dignitaries belonging close allies of the US were seen huddling in a corner and were allegedly insulting Trump for his poor attitude.

In a video that went viral on social media, the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, French President Emanuel Macron, and the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson can be seen clearly. Even though Trump’s name wasn’t clearly mentioned but based upon the conversation, the heads of states were having one can assume that reference completely coincides with the American Presidents itinerary.

Global Criticism

Journalists from all over the world are criticizing Trump in one way or another for turning the summit into a leg-pulling contest and for trying to become the center of attention by undermining others attending the NATO summit.

Not So Loved by People

Trump has emerged as one of the most hated presidents in American history and is viewed as an insult to democracy by his fellow Americans. He is often criticised for his strong views and negative policies, which have divided the country into two.To make matters worse, if the impeachment follows through, Trump will become the fourth president in American history to get impeached.

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