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Google’s EX CEO Sundar Pichai To Head Parent Company Alphabet

Through a blog post the founders of Google and its parent company the Alphabet Inc. have decided to stand down as the CEO and president of Google’s parent company. They have named Sundar Pichai as the new head of the Alphabet Inc.

Sundar Pichai  the Next Head Of Alphabet

For the past four years the founder of Google has been positioning Sundar Pichai as the next head of alphabet by promoting him in various company events and important meetings. Under Pichai Google has grown significantly with various subsidiaries that are doing well. Further the Google’s work force has also increased from 59,000 to 114,000 employees globally

We Feel Its Time to Let Go

Larry Page and Sergey Brin met in 1995 in Stanford and started theircompany which blossomed into the tech giant known today as Google. The company has grown immensely over the past few years and has benefited many people around the world said the founders. “like every child who after a certain point must venture out by himself to discover his own path we feel its high time we did the same with the company” they added.

The Founder Will Retain Major Shares

Despite leaving the company Page and Brin will still show up in the company’s board meetings. They will continue to retain major shares and voting rights. “We have been following and watching Pichai very closely. We have full confidence in his abilities and are sure that under his leadership the company will grow further founders” said in their blog.

Despite the tough time and intense scrutiny from the state department and congress over privacy laws Google still remains a major player in the global market. Its technologies and products are widely used and have played an important role in reforming the lives of people on a global scale.

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